November 30, 2020

In-house Vs. Outsourced Sales Development – Factors to Consider

All companies regardless of its size share the same goal – keep the swiftness going by trying to increase sales.

Customer acquisition drives revenue and revenue becomes the means of growth. To achieve this, they need to improve their marketing functions and create a sales pipeline.

You need to have enough high-quality leads to keep your sales pipelines full, else they will dry fast. Many companies use lead-sourcing technology and sales automation but that requires more workforce.

Many companies find that internalizing all these activities or building a sales development team does not always work as planned. Therefore, they opt to outsource the services.

However, moving this integral part of the business is a pivotal strategic decision that needs to be well considered.

In-House Vs Outsourced

Deciding whether to hire an in-house sales development team or work with an outsourced partner can be difficult as there are many factors to take into consideration:

  • Salary and personnel cost

In-House: You need to consider the training of each new employee and management that will run the programs in-house.

Outsourced: An outsourced agency that already has the team, expertise, and technology required to help you.

  • Software Costs

Software plays a big role in sales development.

In-House: You need a powerful CRM, tools, and an expert and knowledgeable team to be able to run the software to its full potential. These costs add up fast.

Outsourced Companies: Those companies already have the CRM, tools, and team required to assist you. The cost will be less.

  • Data Cost

In-House: Even the most talented sales team and best technology still need the information required to generate leads. That information comes in the form of data. Your team will need a lot of possibilities and a research team to build momentum. This will add another cost.

Outsourced Companies: They have their research teams. They are already using databases, real-time research, software, and other resources to ensure they are providing the most accurate leads possible. Thus, they provide you leads at a much lesser cost.

  • The hidden cost

In-House: Hiring is a resource-intensive process. You will need to create a job advertisement, interview candidates, and negotiate salaries with a constant stream of sales team members. This will consume a lot of time and money.

Outsource: An outsourced sales company will save you time and money because they already have the team required to assist with the job.

Are You Still Debating Whether to Hire In-House or Outsourcing Your Sales Development?

Although outsourcing your sales development is a cost-effective and reliable one, this decision is a personal one. What seems right for another company might not be right for you. At Persuade, we understand how hard this decision can be, our professional team is here to guide you and advise on the best solution that maximizes the growth of your company. Contact us today!

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