Appointment Setting

Thanks to the Appointment Setting service you will make it easier to generate more leads and customers naturally. The thing you will like about this service is that it works exactly the way you want and it’s adaptable to your own needs all the time. It’s never easy to close a deal, but in order to at least access that situation you will need to do Appointment Setting.

The Appointments will make it easier for you to contact the customer and talk with them to fulfill their needs. This particular experience is all about bringing in front high quality systems and support at the best value on the market. It’s a great system and opportunity, one that has the potential to help you grow in no time.

Once we focus on Appointment Setting, you will have more and more potential customers that you can work with. This will bring in more value and support, and it will offer the experience and results you need in no time.

How Appointment Setting Can Help Your Business

  • We get you in-front of prospects that have been educated about your offering, have further expressed interest and want to meet you for a demo
  • Generate more pre-qualified leads on a daily weekly basis, we generate 3-5 quality based leads on a daily basis focused on the highest quality
  • Open more doors and start closing them with effective prospecting, we open the right doors allowing you to be the expert by adding value to each prospect and closing them with ease
  • Human element done in a relationship manner no call center staff, we hire the best talent by offering a flexible opportunity to increase your leads with sales with humans prospecting on your behalf

Appointment Setting Benefits – How We Work:

1x1.trans - Appointment Setting

Market research

We do the hard work by identifying companies or individuals that have a need for your service and want to buy from you.

1x1.trans - Appointment Setting

Custom built database

We build out custom databases to your exact needs and 100% integrity in mind – All our data is POPI compliant.

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Relationship based

Our aim is to engage in a human element while building rapport and nurturing each lead to point of sale

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Quality based

We are not a call center our metric is quality preserving the integrity of every lead and appointment giving you the highest chance to close.

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We give you full reports and tools to close every lead we give you, our clients are averagely closing 28% of all the leads we generate.

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Money back guarantee

We believe in transparency and adding value therefore every clients gets a KPI guarantee if targets are not hit.

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1x1.trans - Appointment Setting

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1x1.trans - Appointment Setting

1x1.trans - Appointment Setting

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1x1.trans - Appointment Setting

1x1.trans - Appointment Setting

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