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“Our goal is to help B2B companies enhance their lead generation and appointment

setting efforts, driving conversion rates and increasing ROI”

At Persuade, we dedicate ourselves to helping businesses like yours increase

ROI, connect with existing clients, and reach out to newprospects

and increase lead generation!

Trusted by 100+ of South Africa’s biggest companies:

1. Increase Your Sales and Boost Your Brand

One of the best ways to increase your sales and promote your company is by coordinating effective appointment setting services! At Persuade, we focus on increasing sales for your company and building your brand. Our team of experts set appointments with key decision-makers that are interested in your products and services. 

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2. Get in Front of The Right People to Seal the Deal

At Persuade, we specialise in appointment setting! We use the latest technology to identify buyers in the market and set meetings with decision-makers that can and will buy your products and/or services. Our experienced team will qualify your potential customers and book them in for a set date and time. Rest assured we do not compromise when it comes to lead generation and appointment setting. We will put you in front of the right people to seal the deal!

3. Insights

At Persuade, we are always developing our resources and strengthening our initiatives! By combining our knowledge of the latest market trends with our expertise, we can deliver a full range of solutions that will help you close leads. Moreover, we provide you with all the insights and tools which you need. 




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5 Reasons Why You Need Appointment Setting Services

Is Appointment Setting Right for You?

Appointment setting is right for any business, big or small! Every business has sales objectives and targets to meet. The only way to efficiently meet them is to have consistent supplies of high-quality leads. This is why professional appointment setting services is critical for the fundamental growth of your business regardless of its size.

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Who is PERSUADE a perfect fit for?

Founders and entrepreneurs

We work with ambitious entrepreneurs and founders that want a steady stream of leads. Minimum criteria is that you have a sales team of 2-5 people and the company must be generating R250 000 per month in revenue.

Marketing directors

We help marketing managers identify new strategies to acquire new business. We focus on helping mid to large companies with a tailor made approach.

Sales directors

Increase your sales and get a pipeline of warm to sales ready leads. Perfect for businesses that have large sales teams generating millions of revenue per month.

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