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We are experts at business-to-business prospecting and lead generation, trusted by hundreds of medium to large companies in South Africa. We can help you generate high ticket introductions at 1/3rd the cost of hiring internally.

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We get you leads, thus skyrocketing your sales.

Usually, business owners and sales teams make a huge mistake when marketing their products or services by focusing on referrals! Even though referrals are good, consider generating revenue instead. Referrals and introductions are great, but if they do not convert into actual rand, they are not good enough. We care about the profit and revenue you make in our business to facilitate the growth of your business.

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No Excuses, Just Results

Boost your sales and lead generation in a short period. Instead of relying on a single strategy to generate you high quality and demand leads, we numerous strategies and tactics to get you leads with results.

Slaughter Your Market

The level of competition determines the difficulty of a lead generation campaign. To get you high-quality leads, we assess the market and level of competition to come up with the perfect strategy. Our vast skills and experience come handy in developing a sound business strategy to get you leads.

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With this in mind, every single campaign we set up is perfectly aligned to your goals, needs we don’t just rush into getting things started.. Every business and industry is different, so we approach every campaign with a custom approach and follow these 3 steps to ensure you own your market.


Market Research

If you want to engage new markets or audiences, we can help after thorough market research. We start the market research by identifying your avatar of ideal clients. How do we achieve this? We research your competition and demographic then map out the contact details of your existing clients. Also, we can map out the contact information of your competitors if need be.


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To help you get in front of business decision-makers, we generate 15 to 30 daily leads that can play a huge role in your business success. Our online campaigns will help you get high quality leads on automation i.e., with minimal efforts.



Even though getting a lead is great, converting the lead to make money is better. To help you close a lead, we give you all the insights and tools needed. We guarantee you will close at least 30% of the leads you will generate when you rely on our insights and tools!

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Persuade is great for many businesses, but let’s make sure the Persuade
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Frequently Asked Questions

Well first things first we setup a discovery call to see how we can help and if we are the correct book here. In the on-boarding call we discuss the following:

  • Your goals and what you want to achieve
  • Your sales teams and current sales process
  • Demographics or person’s you want to focus on

Once complete our in-house marketing analyst will define a roadmap, what is needed and the variable costs associated with your campaign. See what makes Persuade different

  • We build custom database to your EXACT need. All databases are fully POPI compliant.
  • For every campaign we take on we have a flexible to dedicated specialist. Each specialist only works on five campaigns so there is a high degree of quality, relationship based building.
  • We believe in quality. Everything we do is in a human to human based prospecting manner there is a reason our leads are converting at 28%.
  • We offer full insights and profiling on every lead we generate which means every lead we generate has high interest or intent.
  • We are fully performance measured. Full money back if targets are not hit.
  • Dedicated account management 08:00-20:00 Monday- Friday.

Every single package is custom built to your needs. We have short term solutions to enterprise solutions.

We sure do. Depending on the package we can either work on your CRM or our custom CRM which we can pull daily or weekly reports.

We offer the following:

  • POPI compliant call recordings
  • Audit logit of every interaction
  • Number of dials
  • Conversion ratios. And much more!

We are fortunate to be the trusted advisor to over 75+ active clients based in South Africa and United Kingdom. See some testimonials here.

94% of consumers search
online before making a

Not all search listing on page one of Google are the same. So while you might be running Google AdWords or appear on Google Maps you are likely missing out on the bulk of the business. How much traffic and business are you missing out on exactly? Well, the average click-through rate for paid search in 2010 (worldwide) was 2% (Convario, January 2011) with Google Maps only representing a small fraction of traffic. So, If you are relying solely off Google AdWords for your traffic, you are missing out on 85% of the traffic running through Google.

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