There are a number of ways to increase the revenue earned by your business and one of the most preferred methods is by using cold calling companies, otherwise referred to as telemarketers. Despite the way many feel about receiving calls, telemarked sales have been proven effective as out of an estimated 100 calls made 76
Creating and managing your own business is incredibly challenging and business owners are becoming creative in their methods to obtain more revenue more effectively. You can see the pattern develop in city capital hubs, where the competition is strong, cities like Johannesburg. The trend has been developing over the years and enter 2019 we have

Great Ways To Get Prospecting In Sales

When it comes to accumulating potential sales for your business, there is never too many opportunities at your doorstep. In fact, as a competing business owner, it’s all the more reason to create new opportunities to generate sales. Prospecting in sales databases creates a better future for your business and here are a few great

Business Leads Can Create Massive Sales

Being in business means being in sales. You need to generate income to keep your company afloat and to do so means targeting a specific audience. Luckily for you, no one knows your business better and as a result you subconsciously already know what market you need to attract, we are just going to show
If you are a modern day business owner with a drive for success and always on the lookout for more cost effective ways to make a sale, you may have stumbled upon the latest business entrepreneurial tool known as lead generation. Although it may be a new term for many, especially those who have just
The success of a businesses is structured on the foundation of its client database and how many leads it accumulates which actually makes a contribution into the sales department of the business. Demand generation isn’t far off in its approach to obtaining leads. In fact it provides a more structured approach into the method it

5 Hacks That Telemarketing Companies Use

Telemarketing companies are usually received by a resounding ‘no thank you’, however, there are the special telecommunications companies with strong a database of clients. There are strategies and guidelines that these companies have to follow in order to get a successful lead to say ‘yes please’ but there are also 5 important hacks that they

5 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

Email marketing is one of the most popular forms of reaching out to leads and potential clients in the least intrusive way. This is mostly because they can unsubscribe from your mailing list or place your mails in their spam folders, both way its subtle and you want to engage them with your business and
A lead is something business owners refer to when they have a prospective client why may buy in the future resulting in a sale. As you can imagine, any sale is profit for the business and this is why leads play such a vital role in the future success of a business. But if you
Where a lead is the lifeblood of a business, customer service can be considered the heart and for many industries, customer service becomes a department of its own. One of the best ways to centralize certain customer service functions such as after-sale support is by creating a call centre. Not all businesses can afford to
Businesses in South Africa are waking up to the endless possibilities that modern-day marketing techniques offer them. Thanks to social media and the other marvels of the great wide web, there is no limitation in terms of customer reach. But that doesn’t mean that the South African market is impervious to direct marketing. Previously under-serviced

The Art of Outsourced Sales

Outsourced sales is a strategy that should be considered with an open mind and careful consideration. For businesses that need to take their products to the next level but don’t quite have the expertise for an effective sales cycle, outsourcing could open a few doors in the market place. While sales outsourcing is not necessarily

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