4 Mistakes Businesses Make When Creating an Ideal Customer Profile

4 Mistakes Businesses Make

If you want to keep evolving and growing in the sales industry, you should not neglect one of the most significant elements of your marketing and sales strategy – Creating your ideal customer profile (ICP). If you sell to everyone, you are selling to no one – at Persuade, we have emphasized this point many […]

6 Mistakes Salespeople Make in Sales Pitches

6 Mistakes Salespeople Make in Sales Pitches.

If you cannot communicate your value proposition through a sales pitch, you will never land the sale no matter how good your product or service is! While doing a sales pitch, it is not what you say that will win over the potential customers but how you say it. That is why you need to […]

4 Ways to Close Even the Most Difficult Deals

4 Ways to Close Even the Most Difficult Deals

In sales, there is nothing more heart breaking than a qualified opportunity slipping through your fingers when reaching the last stages of the sales process – Closing the deal. After spending time building rapport and a relationship with your potential customers, you cannot leave this in their hands. Once they have all the information, you […]

B2B Sales Techniques – Which One Fits Your Company?

B2B Sales Techniques

Business to Business (B2B) sales can be challenging if you do not have the right strategy in place! Your company will be struggling to get more qualified leads to keep your sales pipeline healthy while needing to fill that pipeline because of the long sales cycles. More than a simple sale, B2B sale is all […]

4 Valuable Ways to Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

4 Valuable Ways to Speed Up Your Sales

Are your sales cycle too long? We all know how hectic sales cycle can be notably when it is too long and we have to hit our targets by the end of the month. So, how can you speed things up? Creating the perfect, predictable sales cycle is a never-ending quest but do not worry, […]

Covid-19: 5 Tips to Sustain Growth

Covid-19 5 Tips-to Sustain

Covid-19 has dramatically affected businesses across the world. It has swept them all into unknown waters, causing many to close their doors or change their approach. As sales are on the decline, we need to understand that the conventional selling tactic does not work as before! Hence, as we navigate through the pandemic, there are […]

Develop a Successful 2021 Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy

Let us start by agreeing that just hoping things will go back to the way they used to be is not an approach you can and should count on! 2020 has been a difficult year for most companies and the thought of making sales and reaching targets in the new year leaves many of us […]

How to Identify Sales Opportunities and Close the Deal?

Do you prioritise time and channel efforts where you get the most returns? If you want to maximise your revenue and close sales, you need to distinguish sales opportunities from leads! What are sales opportunities? A sales opportunity is a qualified lead that you can close quickly. It refers to someone who has actively engaged […]

Importance of Fact-Finding in Sales

How can you tell a lead you have a solution for them if you do not understand or know his/her problem or need? You will never learn about your potential customers’ needs/problems if you only focus on selling your products/services! Often, you lose a lead or client only because: You did not listen to them You […]

The Secrets of Solution Selling

Whether you are new to selling or have been doing it for years, you should know the solution selling has always had an enormous value in the sales industry! It is a technique any salesperson can master with the right amount of practice. When you take the solution selling approach, you do not concentrate on […]