Businesses need sales to survive. Sales need leads. Leads need sources. For business owners, the lifecycle of a lead should always be fluid in order to tap into the full spectrum of client buy-in. Without a customer’s buy-in, the business might as well close doors. Lead generation is the act of creating enough interest in

Inbound Marketing Tips & Tricks

Inbound marketing is considered the modern equivalent of advertising and whereas, in the past, advertising firms were used to tap into the psyche of the consumer, content now takes its place. Content creators are responsible for more than just pushing a product or service. They need to be in the business of problem-solving. The modern

How to Create Sales Leads

Growth is an integral process in the lifecycle of the business and well before the business is even established, business owners should already have an idea of the amount of growth they need to achieve year-on-year to meet their objectives. Part of the growth process is onboarding new customers, and in order to attract those
If you’ve gone through the effort of generating leads for your business through inbound or outbound marketing, there is some action that’s required on your part to ensure that those leads are put to good use. A business lead is the lifeblood of the company as it indicates that there are consumers out there who
If you’ve been exposed to any type of marketing or customer service products within the last 10 years, you will have heard the acronym CRM. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is an important component to gauge who your customers are and what their relationship is with the businesses. But before you’re even able to set

Creating Business Leads From Scratch

Whether you’re selling copywriting services to corporates or agricultural equipment to developing countries, creating business pipeline is part of the process. But before the sales discussion even takes place, you would need to know who to contact in order to pitch your service or product. Sometimes your leads build themselves without any input of your

A Quick Guide to Lead Generation

In order to make the most of lead generation, it’s important to know what the concept means. Lead generation is the process of converting a consumer into someone who may have an interest in your product or service. It is also an important source of revenue for a business and the proper application is important
The global economy can profoundly affect any business, no matter how big or small it might be. If, for example, there is a financial downturn affecting the global economy, most companies are affected. In such situations, a majority of the companies are left with no option other than getting their support from outsourcing companies. That

Cold calling basics you should know

Planning Your Telesales  In order to best utilize telesales for your business, you must be aware of what it can and cannot do to improve your business. Some businesses still utilize cold calling e.g. using the phone to directly call customers unprompted to sell them a service or product, might result in alienating your customer
Cold leads are calling prospective customers that have little to no awareness of your company. It may be difficult to convert them into buyers at first. However, there are beneficial techniques that will give you the best chances towards making a sale. Telemarketing services is used along with marketing to help expand a sale or
In the past, competitors in the same or similar industry were naturally considered to be the enemy. Today, the dynamics in business have changed dramatically and has evolved into working with your competitor in terms of building healthy business relationships that now involve sharing knowledge and provided support. That said, this huge shift is based
According to the expert at Culture Consultancy Derek Bishop, upselling and cross-selling correctly can make a significant difference to your sales leads and bottom line. He’s also provided some useful tips below on how customer service is paramount and impacts new and more sales leads for your business. Ask the Right Questions The problem with

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