What We Do

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Market Research

We identify ways to target prospects through correct research focused on your demographics value proposition, competitors and more.

Appointment Setting

Get in front of qualified prospects that know who you are, know what you do and want to buy from you backed up by transparent results focused on increasing sales and retention

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Lead Generation

We focus on delivering pre-qualified leads through effective targeted marketing via google adwords and social media for businesses in South Africa.

Persuade Marketing is a relationship based agency focused on getting you in front of prospects that want your services backed up by a KPI money back guarantee.


Our People, Process, Systems Are there to deliver a positive ROI Through effective marketing for small To medium companies that require a relationship based approach to get new business

Why Us?

We are a experts at prospecting,relationship marketing that delivers a ROI for our clients with transpact values and KPI’s to meet any business

Our Clients

The financial industry, Software and IT industry and many more perfect for small to medium businesses
Market Research

Market Research

Get insights into your demographic through correct research that focuses on client behavior, trends and market influencer's

Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting

Get in-front of qualified prospects that know who you are, know what you do and are genuinely interested to buy from you

Lead Generation

Increase your sales with effective digital marketing practices that focuses on delivering pre-qualified leads that are interested to know more


Persuade is great for many businesses, but let’s make sure the Persuade method is right for you. Take the test above and find out how we can help you 10x your sales and lead generation!

Increase your sales in 2018 with effective marketing that delivers a ROI

Chat to a specialist on your business needs call 021-045-0819 Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm
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