June 19, 2018

Using outsourced marketing to get more done in less time

According to 2017’s State of South African Small Business Report, the top ten list of challenges faced by local businesses include slow internet, power outages and skills shortages. Any person who’s run a business before will understand the struggle of having to find qualified people to do the job, only to have poor connectivity and no electricity reducing their efficiency and keep them from getting anything done. When this happens, it’s time to consider outsourced marketing.


While you can outsource most of the services a small business could need, marketing is one that faces the most resistance. Many don’t see the value in this investment and don’t understand why it’s needed in the first place. These businesses need to realise that marketing can ease some of the burdens being placed on your business that you might not even know you’re facing.


 A good time to worry about your sales volumes isn’t when profits start plummeting. It way before this stage, when things are still good. Once you have a steady stream of customers you might spend all your time tending to their needs, only to have them peter off or disappear. This can be prevented by investing in outsourced marketing, which if done correctly can help you constantly enjoy a stream of suitably qualified leads that only need a small nudge to become a sale.


It’s a common dilemma faced by a business. You can’t grow your operations, hire more people or make more money without your business growing. But how can you grow your business when you don’t have the finances to hire more people and invest in more resources to help you to make that money? It’s simple. Get someone else to do it for you, who has the right people and the right resources on hand to get it done. This way you can concentrate on operating your business and making the important decisions, while somebody else does the heavy lifting and finds you more income generating clients.

You might find that outsourcing your marketing works for you until you’re at the point where you can afford to establish your own sales and marketing team, or you might find it easier to keep outsourcing for an indefinite time period. Whatever works for you.

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