January 8, 2021

Transform Your Lead Generation Strategy – Post Covid-19

For many, the toughest leadership test is: how to bring a business back in an environment where a vaccine has yet to be found and economies are still spinning?

Without a doubt, the Covid-19 crisis has weakened businesses all over the world! It has changed the way people work and shop.

If your business is stuck right now because of Covid-19, don’t give up – learn how to survive.

While the immediate response to the pandemic seems all-consuming, there are different approaches that businesses must take to keep floating and succeed in the normal.

The Challenge

Overnight businesses have had to shift perspectives, lead generation strategies , and business goals to prevail because the best ways for acquiring new leads disappeared. People have become more cautious in their purchase. Therefore, marketing and sales strategies have become customer-focused only now!

Companies are becoming “more human” in their approach. This era we are in at the moment demands understanding sales and marketing strategies.

However, reimagining a lead generation strategy is challenging when consumer behavior is fickle and unpredictable.

Here are 6 actionable ways that can set your business up for success in the new normal.

6 Post-Pandemic Lead Generation Strategies with Long-Term Benefits

As the ground has shifted, your traditional lead generation strategies are no longer as effective as before.

  • Get human in your approach

As covid-19 has shifted the B2B and B2C landscape, understanding the human viewpoint is more important than ever.

By taking a human approach you will gain a deep understanding of your customers. We are now in a buyers’ market and not the seller’s market.

Leads are not numbers now, they need to be seen as people and your campaigns must be embedded in empathy. The aim is to increase loyalty, trust, and ultimately grow your reputation.

  • Refocus on Brand Awareness rather than sales

You should shift your focus from sales to answering your customer’s needs.

Right now, many customers are not looking to buy, but they are still looking. Instead of prioritizing lead generation and conversion, you need to be careful of seeming too aggressive. Consumers are likely to come back to you once the world is back to normal based on how you reacted throughout the pandemic.

You need to provide excellent customer service and be patient with your potential clients.

  • Retarget your audience

The pandemic has turned the world upside down. Now, you need to rethink your target market as the new normal has changed customers’ needs and habits. You need to readjust and adapt your strategy to mirror the shift better and maximize lead generation.

  • Nurturing leads

While the sales cycle has slowed down, nurturing leads has become more important. You need to modify emails and messages to be more empathetic and reassuring. You need to be patient and keep in contact with potential buyers over an extended timeline.

Reframe Your Company’s Future 

Without a doubt, this pandemic has caused a phenomenal transformation in the world and in the digital marketing sector. In order to stay pertinent, companies need to act now and set up a strategy to reframe their future around evolving consumer behaviors.

At Persuade, we are committed to helping our clients grow and build lasting relationships with their consumers now and beyond Covid-19. Talk to our experts today!

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