December 15, 2018

Top Ten Lead Generation Mistakes

B2B clients new to the industry usually have high expectations and instant success when they spent a considerable amount of money on a website, only for customers to take time before visiting the site. Such clients, therefore, make no sales, which adds to their frustration, leading them to me for consultation.

The advice is I give is that they do not have to spend substantial cash amounts to develop active leads in their B2B website as a sales strategy. For a lead generation to be successful, one must invest their time in knowing the prospective visitors, their needs and motivation. Here are ten mistakes you should avoid:

  • Using technical language

If visitors go to your site and find a language they can hardly understand, they will not visit again. You should aim to capture everyone’s attention using the everyday language they can understand, and incorporate complex data if it’s necessary. A customer is interested in a product that will be useful, so tell them the benefits they will get from using your products.

  • Missing out on conversion opportunities

You want to get information from your customers, and you want them to have your contact details as well. However, a hyperlinked address or other click baits will not work. You need to engage your customer using simple, clear and professional call to action messages on each page of your website.

  • Poor AdWords campaign

You need to find a link between your landing page and Ad then match them such that they meet the Google user’s requirements. Customized landing pages will attract visitors by showing them you have their interests at heart. Prioritize their needs and let them know, using plain language, how your business will cater to them.

  • Ignoring Analytics

You may have perfect and relevant site traffic, but if there are no conversions, you will keep wondering what’s wrong with your website. Fortunately, Google provides free Analytics, and your breakthrough could be by paying attention to the report. Such a report details how visitors found you, which pages they visited and the page at which they left.

  • Failure to generate traffic

You may have built the best website, and gone ahead to create a few social media platforms in which to engage your customers. You could even have posted a few things on Facebook and Twitter but stopping at that will leave your site with no traffic. If you want successful lead generation, you need to work those social media channels day in, day out.

  • Ignoring local customers

If you provide a product or service within your hometown at a price and quality similar to other retailers elsewhere, then consumers within your location will see no need to buy from them. Therefore, make your prospective customers aware that you exist by showing them where they can find you. Your website should be clear on your location and branches if you have any. Posting your location ranks you better on search engines and helps to convert prospects right at your doorstep.

  • Boring content

No one likes to be bored, so if your content is dull, you will drive customers away, never to return. Make great impressions with inspiring content that will capture their interest and encourage them to read further. Be friendly, and let them feel you are interested in their needs. Crack a joke if necessary and detail the benefits your product will offer them.

  • Giving out all information for free

You are in business to make sales; therefore, you must target the largest customer base you can find. So, even if you have loads of information as your website launches, do no put it out there. Let them sign up to get that e-book that will turn their lives around with the nuggets of wisdom it carries. A subscription service is an additional revenue stream, and it also helps to build authority within the industry in which you are operating.

  • Not taking up the chance to build authority

Lead generation is not as hard as you think; it can entail requesting visitors for their email address so that you can send them a newsletter. Such a step will create a frequency with your prospective customers, which will, in turn, build on your sales strategy while building your authority too. Visitors who see you as an authority in your industry will propel sales significantly.

  • Assuming your visitors have all day

No matter how well you structure your content or have it SEO-optimized, it is not a guarantee that the visitors will stick with you. If they have visited your site, they could also have found your competitors’ websites. You should, therefore, ensure that you grab their attention immediately they land on your site by optimizing your online campaigns. Let every click your prospective customers make lead them to something even more beneficial for them. Also, keep the entire process otherwise the minute they run into a hitch, they will go to your competitor.

Online selling has few rules which remain the same; keep the message clear and straightforward, capture your visitor’s attention and differentiate your messages for the buyers and the browsers.

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