December 1, 2018

Top lead generation methods

How to 10x your sales

It is normal that what you’d expect from customers today will be entirely different from what you expected from them five years ago. This change is normal, as it is man’s nature that their preference and habits change, as they grow over time. It is under this premise that social sellers and marketers should try to evolve and improve their techniques in which they sell their goods and services, so they can have more buyers visiting their site. So the idea of lead generation is to develop new plans and prospect and adopt techniques that can boost sales for these marketers and social sellers.

So I’ll be sharing with you, some lead generation methods that you can adopt, to boost your market sales

Maximize the email market

You can reach potential clients on through email account. The first thing you’ll have to do is to create a target list of all your potential clients, (these are people interested in your niche or product), and then start up a conversation with these people. Engage them in a friendly manner so that they can be responsive. Avoid the opt-in strategy when you send your first email. You don’t want to upset your clients, instead, give them a choice.

Blog regularly

If you want to stay relevant in your area of expertise (that is, your niche), then you would have to blog periodically (like once a week, or once a month, in specific circumstances). Blogging regularly keeps your site fresh and on top of the google keyword searches. Plus, you’ll be building trust in your brand, and the more positive post you make, the more of an expert people see you as.

Also, use social media

Aside from blogging on your blogging site, it is also a good idea to post some of your products and business on social media. Utilizing social media is also another great way to build your client list; you attract people to your social media handle, and then you can then advertise your products to them. You’ll also make a list of loyal followers and relationship that you can utilize. Even on social media, you can also engage your potential customers and clients.

Have a network

It is good to utilize the social and online platform, but it is also essential that you have a face-to-face meeting with some of your online clients. Having a face-to-face with your customers instill some level of confidence in them than an online business. People like to see who they’re dealing with most times. It is essential that you don’t take their time, 10-15 minutes should be enough to pitch your business to your client.

Have actionable plans

The idea is to plan your work and then work that plan out. You will need to have a workable market plan. The plan helps you with focus, and gives you a path, guideline you seek to follow, it keeps you on track. After you have drafted out your plan, the next step would be to work it out. You would have to do all that you have planned, including meeting new clients, as well as strategies for getting the clients in the first place.

Make sure you offer great deals

A deal that seems to be one-sided might end up scaring your potential client away, so you would need to make offers that are credible, both to you and your client. Most of the time, the offers are in standard form, with only the option of yes or they recline. Since the offers are this way, then it would be wise to give them an offer they can’t refuse and one that would satisfy you as well.

Success stories of other clients work as well

People might be moved to opt-in on your product if there are traces of success. Once a customer notices that customer reviews and testimonials influence the success rate of a particular product, then it will spur them also to try out the product or services you offer.

Work on your content

Always strive to update your content, with the latest information on the product or service you’re selling. People want to know the latest innovation, an idea that makes that product even better, and they also want to know how this new or upgraded product or service works.


It is essential that if you want to maximize market and social media presence, you adopt these techniques, and try to apply them to your small business, and you’ll be in shock, the progress you’d make in a matter of months.


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