January 21, 2021

The Secrets of Solution Selling

Whether you are new to selling or have been doing it for years, you should know the solution selling has always had an enormous value in the sales industry! It is a technique any salesperson can master with the right amount of practice.

When you take the solution selling approach, you do not concentrate on showing your potential clients everything your product/service can do or reviewing it. Instead, you need to explain how your product/service can solve his/her problem in the best way possible.

As simple as it sounds, solution selling is finding ways you can make your customers’ lives better with your product/services. However, to adapt your strategy to gain access to the powerful fundamentals of solution selling, you need to grasp these four steps.

Four Steps to Solution Selling

Here are four of the many secrets that will enable you to start getting the most from solution selling.

Know what you have to offer

If you do not know about the products/services you offer, it will be impossible for you to solve the problems which your potential customers have. Hence, you need to ensure you know what you are selling and the capabilities of your products/services.

Do your homework

Before approaching a potential customer, you need to have a game plan ready! You should have a clear understanding of your customers’ needs, their possible problems and the arguments. If you know all of those, you will be able to prove to them how your products/services can solve these issues.

Get deeper than scripted communication

Solution selling is built on an intended trust between the potential customer and you. If he/she thinks that you are unable to solve his/her problem, he/she will not even pay attention to you. Therefore, you need to shift from providing information to actively helping him/her in determining his/her problem or needs and then use the information to assess possible solutions.

Suggest the solutions

Once you have uncovered the problem of your prospects, it is now time to offer the solution using one of your products/services. You should ensure you do not focus on the feature of the product/service. Instead, you should talk about how your company and your product/service can resolve their problems. You should be able to persuade them that choosing your product or service is a win-win solution.

Our Thoughts on Solution Selling

Solution selling can be very efficient if you master the above-listed secrets. However, you should still present the solutions to your clients in a tailored way!

Here at Persuade, we can help you plan and adapt the sales plan and techniques that best fit your business. Talk to us today.

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