September 1, 2018

How Telemarketing Turns Opportunities Into Businesses

Most individuals make a mistake of believing that the use of telemarketers is limited in the use of the sales activities of cold calling. But telemarketing services can actually be used for turning numerous opportunities into businesses. There are so many ways of doing this, but the following are our selected top ten ways of using telemarketing:

  1. Setting an Appointment

The setting of appointments has always been, will continue being, and is currently still the primary method by which most companies acquire new businesses. Most organizations do place great emphasis on the setting of appointments as well as quite a significant part of their budget. They do this because there are is another way which is more effective in closing a sale than just having a chance to sit down face-to-face meeting with a prospective client. Appointment setting is an intelligent and cost-effective use of telemarketers in generating of new businesses for your organization.

  1. Booking of Seminars

In recent past years, telemarketing has always proven itself to bringing exceptional results for the organizations and individuals who deliver seminars. If delegates are not booking you, you will be definitely losing out, regardless of how good your seminar may be. By use of a telemarketing team for booking your seminars, it means you will be getting the good news to reach out to people who are likely to benefit from attending your seminars.

When you work from cold calling people or from existing mailing lists of people with industry links to the seminar topic or subject, you will be working on a great way to enhance a solid telemarketing team to deal well with your seminars.

  1. Follow up

Use of efficient follow-up calls is a very effective and powerful way to make the most out of your email or direct mail marketing. Telemarketing usually offers a renewed chance of capitalizing on the offer to both parties, since the recipient has already considered your offer by mail.

You can also make follow up calls after sales or literature inquiries, to chase up any interested parties and convert the prospects that may be undecided about buying your goods and services from a given brochure. You need to follow up the interest by use of a dedicated telemarketing team in converting interest into solid action.

  1. Market Research

Market research is one of the really time-tested uses of telemarketing. It is often used for customer feedback or product review. These days, however, it can be used for covering a full range of qualitative and quantitative data collection.

By using the latest mode of integrated technology, interviewers of telemarketing can handle almost everything which includes surveying of small level executives, as well as the mass nationwide questioning of customer feedback. Conducting of Market Research through telephone is a very cost effective method of doing large-scale market research. From a single base, it is capable of covering large geographical locations. Once you acquire the right permissions, the data gathered from your telemarketing Market Research can always be used to target prospects in your next campaign for telemarketing.

  1. Customer Reactivation

Your organization ought to keep clear records of all the current customers, and also all the people who were previously customers but are no longer doing any purchases. Telemarketing by use of existing data in your systems is a very effective way of reconnecting with dormant customers and reactivating their accounts. Your company can actually win back up to 50% of your past customers simply by using telemarketing.

  1. Collections

Missed payments and outstanding invoices can cripple a business and completely hinder the development and progress of a company. If you have a struggle in recouping outstanding sums, telemarketing is an effective method that will help you collect what is owed to the company. A tele-collections team can easily identify companies or individuals that owe money to your organization by working from a list of your debtors. It is also important to ensure you have their correct details. If you wish to receive a payment, it can be handled through the company’s payment teams or even via an automated system.

  1. Selling of Advertising Space

If you have got selling space, you cannot just rely on people coming to you. It is of importance to have a solid team of dedicated telemarketers, who can sell your space directly to people who want to advertise. But this isn’t just cold calling, it is designing a strategic campaign targeting the individuals and businesses that may most benefit from the opportunity of using your company’s advertising space. A team of telemarketers who are experienced can approach many potential clients more effectively and also target likely clients. This will ultimately improve the chances of generating new business.

  1. The Cleansing of Database

You can use telemarketers to work through your existing data in order to make corrections, delete, or even amend details of customers, prospects or leads in your system. This will ensure your company data is accurate and up to date, and will be able to increase the rate of making sales by your staff. Data cleansing in various industry sectors could be a legal requirement, and it will ensure your company is always kept clear with the industry’s regulators. You should, therefore, make your existing data to work for you through the purging of useless data existing in your system.

  1. Generation of Leads

You will definitely realize increased sales revenue as a result of using telemarketers in lead generation. This reduces the costs incurred in making a sale to a large extent. By simply letting telemarketers generate leads for you, your sales teams become freed to put more focus on what they are perfect at, which is making as many sales as possible.

  1. Selling To Existing Customers

Lastly, but definitely not least, the activity of telemarketing is a very efficient route of improving sales, since it allows sales teams to directly sell to those who have already purchased your products and services. It is usually very easy to convert existing customers because there is no need to convince them of your reputation, benefits or expertise.

You can use telemarketing to an existing customer to offer extended services, further features and upgrades on a product they happen not to have purchased. You can also offer them a product or service they haven’t purchased. The worst that can happen when contacting an existing client is rejecting a new offer. Since at first, they listened, it will not be difficult to reach out to them in the future for new offers.

Telemarketing is very important to both small and large companies and provides them with expansion and development opportunities to increase their customer base, reduce costs and ultimately realize impressive results.

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