December 8, 2018

Six Ways to Boost Online Conversations with Landing Page Optimisation

According to Danielle Haley, Freelance SEO from Essex, there are several different things that everyone should know about attracting visitors to the site. One of the most notable is optimizing the landing pages by turning those who browse into your next buyers. In fact, here are 6 steps that can assist any site owner with improving their conversion rates.

Before discussing the 6 steps, it is also important that you know that landing pages are created with at least one or more simple purposes in mind, and that is to promote the sites mailing list, encourage visitors on the site to make a purchase and having people to request a quote or a sample from a product. Hence, if you are interested in increasing the conversion rates on your site, you should follow these 6 steps to appealing to an audience that will help you to beat your present competition.

Make sure you understand your market

Communicating with your target audience effectively requires that you learn quite a few things about them. Because the knowledge that you get is a powerful resource, you need to know what actually makes them tick, pain points that they are usually concerned about and a way to solve these issues as you give feedback. It is also important to learn their terminology so that you will not be left behind.

  1. Set up your Analytics

If you want to better manage this type of operation, you need to make sure that you have established your analytics. Without this information, you will not have a chance to see what is actually happening. For instance, the tools that’s offered through an analytics feature will show you the following:

Where the traffic to the site is being generated from.

Which CTA is getting the best numbers in traffic

Where the hotspots on the site lie and why customers are hovering over these areas so much longer.

  1. Use Branding to Build up Trust and Customer Loyalty

If you want to build customer loyalty, it is important that you spend time building your brand. However, the loyalty that your customers experience must be based on the type of campaign that you convey through your brand. Particularly, those that show that every thing that you relay on your landing pages are close in alignment with your online marketing strategy.

  1. Make sure Your Proposition is clearly stated

Once you get visitors to your site, you should lay out a clear proposition to them before they leave the page. This proposition must clearly explain exactly what they should do including taking a specific action that goes along with your goals and objectives.

  1. Testimonials and Social Proof Should be in the form of Testimonials and Etc.

Though online buying is different from shopping in stores with other customers, the overall experience that visitors encounter should not be presented in a vacuum. Since customers do not like to feel isolated when making buying decisions, it is important that you include marketing strategies that consist of social proof and consumer testimonials.

  1. Try New Things and Test Your Results

After your marketing strategy is up and running, it does not have to remain stagnate with a one time continuous ad, Instead, you should deploy various techniques and changes by testing the results for better conversion rates. These types of strategies can be implemented via A/B testing techniques.

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