April 30, 2018

See How Your Can Successfully Gain Qualified Leads As a Financial Advisor

Whichever way you go about generating qualified leads as a financial advisor, we believe it is important to start with identifying the challenges that are associated with lead generation. Before we get into it how you can generate qualified prospects in South Africa, here are two challenges to look out for:

#1. Lead Generation

This might be confusing – how can lead generation in and of itself be a challenge when the entire point is to generate leads? Fair question. It is no secret that most financial advisors and providers are pretty good at selling, but, what might shock you is that there is a lack of actual, qualified sellers – which comes down to finding leads that are more likely to convert, than leads who might only be vaguely interested in your service. The former saves time and helps you to grow, while the latter is the exact opposite.

#2. The Explaining Complexity

For most consumers, financial products are very much a mystery. Explaining all the products you need to provide your potential customer can also be a daunting experience for you. Not everything that you know can be understood by the customer. For example, explaining the benefits of using an offset account for home loans in order for interest reduction, can become challenging if your lead has no previous financial knowledge. This means it’s your duty to simplify all things complex.

With this knowledge, we can now unpack how you can successfully generate qualified leads.

1.Online Marketing

Online marketing is on an all-time rise and has great features that can help you achieve your goals. Features such as:

  • It’s measurable and accountable: You can observe what works and what doesn’t, this way you can change your strategies and methods of attracting qualified leads.
  • It puts you in contact with relevant leads: Every day, thousands of potential customers are online researching, looking for services that might be related to yours. It is worth your while to be found by them.

2. Marketing Funnels That Convert

Your lead generation activities won’t take you far if you don’t have an effective online marketing funnel that works to convert visitors into actual, qualified prospects. This includes knowing the buyer’s journey, implementing automation,creating compelling content, and finally being able to close the deal.

3. Hire an Agency

If the above sound too time consuming, consider hiring a team of specialists who understand traffic conversion, gaining leads and their retention. By letting experts help, you can now be certain that you don’t have to do it all on your own, and instead have a team who will assist you gain a steady stream of inbound leads to help your business grow.

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