September 6, 2019

Why More SA Businesses Are Looking Towards Lead Generation Companies in South Africa

Businesses in South Africa are waking up to the endless possibilities that modern-day marketing techniques offer them. Thanks to social media and the other marvels of the great wide web, there is no limitation in terms of customer reach. But that doesn’t mean that the South African market is impervious to direct marketing. Previously under-serviced and untapped markets provide innumerable possibilities, from the townships of Umlazi to pockets of communities in the Karoo. For lead generation companies Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town often rank high as cities that are easy to tap into, however, these cities often pose high levels of competition. Lead generation companies offer businesses a slightly easier route to these consumers, and the other pockets around South Africa.

The Ability to Multiply Business

While inbound and outbound marketing techniques offer businesses ways to approach their target markets, they would need a list of consumers to target, whichever strategy they decide on. For businesses, the holistic growth they experience through word of mouth, social media, and other means of advertising can be of great benefit to the business, but sometimes it’s necessary to target a wider market. The fastest way to do this is by working through a list provided by a lead generation company.

Bespoke Options and Warm Leads

Different businesses meet different needs and for a business that requires a market ready for their particular product, they would need to meet basic criteria. For instance, a bank that’s looking to increase their credit card base would need a list of consumers that have good credit references, stable employment, and openness to debt. Lead generation companies Johannesburg based might offer different leads than those based in Durban, for instance. By working with a lead generation firm that understands the different nuances between the various demographics and how they affect the buying process, their leads have a better chance of success.

Meeting Regulatory Requirements

Not all lead generation methods are legal and for a firm concerned about following a responsible business path, it’ important to vet a potential lead generation company. This is because South Africa, and other parts of the world, has tight regulations in terms of marketing preferences. In South Africa, consumers have the choice of opting into sales calls and marketing news. Businesses also have to be careful about disclosing customer information to third parties, especially if they’ve indicated that they don’t agree to it. Lead generation companies that don’t respect regulations, will provide leads that will get companies into trouble.

Control over Expenditure

One of the benefits of a lead generation campaign is that it doesn’t have to turn into a runaway horse, as businesses decide whether they want to pay per lead or per campaign. This means that they can fine-tune their budget right down to the last call. This would also give them the opportunity to compare the different lead generation firms in order to pinpoint the ones that have the highest lead-to-sale ratio.

For businesses, partnering with a lead generation firm can provide inroads into communities that may not previously have been possible, or might have come at a higher cost.

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