December 30, 2017

Outbound marketing vs Inbound marketing – what’s the best one for your business?

Marketing in a simple form means the process of disseminating pertinent information or creation of awareness about a product or service to introduce them to potential customers. For any business to grow and make sales, marketing is essential. The old method businessmen or entrepreneur make use of is called push-or-pull perspective when it comes to marketing their products. In this perspective, the relationship between the seller and the customer is created, developed, and managed. A more modern take on marketing now involves two approaches-the inbound marketing and the outbound marketing strategies.Outbound Marketing

Let’s first explain both marketing approaches in details to allow you to decide for your company.

Outbound Marketing

This is a traditional method of marketing. Outbound marketing is the process of “blasting” your business and brand to broad audiences in hopes that a good percentage of that audience notices, needs, and remembers you. Some outbound marketing methods include:

  • Trade shows and seminars
  • Email Blast
  • Telemarketing and cold calls
  • Commercials, ads, and billboards

The defining factor of outbound marketing is all about reaching out to:

  1. Grabbing their attention
  2. holding their attention long enough to deliver a message
  3. Hoping the message motivates them to take action – like spend money on a product or service

The success of outbound marketing hinges on its ability to interrupt you efficiently. In many cases, you are trying to sell your goods and services to people who have never heard or seen your product before, so they might not be interested. This has led to situations that can hinder outbound marketing efforts; an example is caller ID, spam filters, call blocking and pop-up blockers, e.t.c.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is marketing 2.0. If Outbound Marketing is based on quantity, then Inbound Marketing is based on quality. With the growth of the online marketplace, people can now pick and choose where they get information or where they are entertained. Inbound marketing and the internet have leveled the playing field for small business and large corporations

A few inbound marketing methods include:

  • Optimized content on Website/Blog
  • Social media engagement
  • Online Videos, Infographics
  • Tutorials, Webinars

This approach makes use of four major steps, which are all done through online means. The scheme begins with “lead generation,” or the process of attracting potential customers naturally. It then proceeds to conversion, where the audience is turned into actual customers. After this, marketers make sure that the customers stay loyal by keeping them interested and pleased.

So, what’s the bottom-line when it comes to inbound vs. outbound marketing? My recommendation is to incorporate elements of each. Both marketing approaches can be advantageous when appropriately used, and each offers unique benefits. Think about how you can integrate both methods into a marketing strategy that will provide you with the most excellent possible return.

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