December 2, 2019

How Outbound Marketing Can Save Your Business

If you are noticing a dip in sales or struggling to hit your monthly targets, you may want to look at more aggressive methods of obtaining new clients and improving sales. Outbound marketing is when you, your employees or your business reaches out to a specific audience in hopes of attracting more sales or buys from what we call ‘prospects’. There is a difference between inbound and outbound marketing, however small, they both utilize the same method of obtaining clients but it’s how the prospective clients become a sale that is the difference.

Inbound vs. Outbound

If you are familiar with inbound marketing then you may already understand that outbound marketing is really the opposite. Inbound marketing is when the client comes to you because of a message you put out there but outbound is when you specifically search prospects out.

Resuscitating Your Business Life-force

If you feel that your business is tanking, slowly going under water, then you need to bring it back to life by using a few outbound marketing strategies that have been known to generate sales for businesses looking to expand their database. Here is how you can use outbound marketing to save your business:

  • Email Leads

Leads are the potential clients or prospective which may buy your products or services. There are companies who have databases of leads and there may be some ideally suited for your business as they are asking for services through these companies. Once your company acquires leads, email strategy can be applied to reach out to them gripping them to buy your products or services.

  • Cold Calling

This is one of the oldest forms of locating leads and although businesses may want to stray from this form of marketing, it is wisest to exhaust all options.

  • Midroll

This is an advertising platform that reaches a massive audience of potential clients. The medium allows marketers to purchase advertising over numerous podcasts which reaches a phenomenal amount of potential leads. Whomever is hosting the podcast will reiterate your services in their own words to create a friendlier user experience without your leads feeing bombarded as cold calling so often does.

  • Social Media

Being in a modern day and age means utilizing the latest technology to reach a diverse community of potential clients. What better platforms to utilize than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram? This is where businesses create their own accounts and subscribers or account holders can directly link with you allowing you the opportunity to use these platforms for outbound marketing. You can send direct DM’s, send out group message, and deliver YouTube videos and all the while allowing for inbound market simultaneously. You see, leads can connect to your company of their own accord allowing for these social platforms to work overtime with almost no effort at all.

There are numerous ways for your business to recover its losses simply by maintain both your inbound market and outbound marketing strategies. In addition to them being great marketing methodologies, they are also more affordable than your average marketing as you are paying for what you are getting rather than what you could be getting as a business owner.

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