December 10, 2017

How outbound marketing can increase your sales

Perhaps the single most crucial step you can take as an entrepreneur is to market your goods and services efficiently. You can have the best service and products in the world, but if no one knows about them, your business will fail! Therefore, as a brand, one has to be seen in the right places at the right time to be registered optimistically in the minds of the consumers. This makes the brand, embrace different modes to have a holistic approach towards marketing.

It is this demand of customer centricity that has given birth to different methods of marketing which are prevalent today. Outbound marketing is one of the ways of marketing which ensures that a brand propagates its products and services to the customers.

What Is an Outbound Marketing and how it can increase your sales

Outbound marketing is the proactive process of finding potential customers and motivating them to buy your products and services. Some of the well-known outbound marketing techniques include television and radio advertising, telemarketing services, newspaper and magazine advertising, trade shows, direct mail (both electronic and paper), e-mail blasts and public relations activities. In a nutshell, it can be defined as a traditional form of marketing in which company broadcasts its message to a target audience.

  1. Lead Generation

Outbound does have its perks – and it comes with getting to a broader population. The primary function of outbound marketing is to draw in customers and make them conscious of a product, service or a brand’s name. Also, outbound is effective in turning cold customers into hot leads.

  1. Call to Invite

It is never sufficient to send out a lengthy email about the benefits of a distinct webinar or training course or to merely post it online. If you have a webinar about a particular subject, it is crucial to reach them with media methods and tap into that population.

  1. Appointment Setting

Through a more comprehensive population reach of outbound, there is a particular possibility of converting cold customers into hot leads. It is rarely enough to have a small number of semi-interested customers (as in the case of inbound marketing), it pays to go out and look for would-be customers.

  1. On Data Profiling Services

Outbound marketing is probably the most efficient way to improve data profiles. As outlined by Louise Robinson, Managing Director of CG Consulting, ‘US-based business-to-business marketing research and analysis firm Sirius Decisions estimates that 2% to 3% of a marketing database goes bad every month’. To hasten to update, outbound marketing is enough to do the job.

Repetition is vital in outbound marketing. Commercials and other advertisements need to be repeatedly aired because this technique relies on brand retention. It aims to make the audience recall the product being sold, in the belief that they will eventually purchase the ones they remember. Outbound Marketing “pushes” information about your company out to an audience that has not show an interest in knowing about the company and its products and services.

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