March 8, 2018

Mistakes Businesses Make When Generating Business Leads in South Africa, and How to Overcome Them

There’s nothing worse than investing in B2B lead generation, only to experience less than stellar results with only wasted time, money and effort to show for it. Finding quality leads to business in South Africa is a problem many businesses face. Here are some common mistakes businesses make during B2B lead generation and how to overcome them.

MISTAKE #1 – You’re spending money on B2B lead generation without tracking it

You might be enjoying a great lead generation effort right now. What happens if this changes overnight? Would you be able to recreate what made your initial efforts successful? Tracking your efforts is critical. It helps you see what you’re doing wrong and doing right, so you can refine your efforts over time and pick up problems before they escalate.

We once worked with a business that was spending a small fortune on Google AdWords and other paid advertising, to no avail. Tracking would have shown that people were clicking on their ads but leaving their landing page almost immediately – indicating a poor page loading speed.

MISTAKE #2 – You’re sending mass emails

Do you send mass emails to your entire database? Don’t be surprised if your responses are abysmal. You need to segment your audience and tailor communications to suit each group.

Which do you think would get a better response: a generic email from a business, or one specifically addressing the needs and concerns of your department, with a solution to a problem you’re facing?

MISTAKE #3 – You aren’t aligning your efforts with your internal and external sales teams

There’s still a huge disconnect between many sales teams and lead generation.Many don’t bother to share information with the other, leading to annoyed clients and miscommunications. Your sales team should have access to the information you accumulate during lead generation and vice versa, so each can follow up appropriately with minimal repetition.

Imagine seeing an email from a potential supplier asking you for a meeting next week, which you decline as you’ll be on holiday. Now imagine getting called by the same company repeatedly on holiday. Would you want to work with them?

There’s no doubt about it – lead generation between businesses can be tricky. It’s why we offer a service to help. For more information, give us a call.

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