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“Persuade helps B2B companies get a strong grip over their endeavours with

efficient market research

At Persuade, our team of specialists has the required skills and expertise to deliver

market research solutions that will help you stay ahead of the industry!

Trusted by 100+ of South Africa’s biggest companies:

1. Improve Your Brand with Reliable Market Insights

Founded in 2017, Persuade offers reliable and efficient market research services that will help you improve your brand by providing insights on how your current and potential customers view your company compared to the competition. Rest assured we use proven methods and strategies to conduct the research effectively and produce your company can use to thrive!

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2. Comprehensive Market Research Services

At Persuade, our comprehensive market research services will help you determine your customer preferences, industry dynamics and the current tide of change in your industry. As a result, you will be able to make a smarter decision, keep up with trends and maintain your competitive edge. Additionally, we perform an in-depth competitive analysis of the market to help you identify the latest trends and keep up with them.

3. Identify Your Ideal Client and Map Out Competitors’ clients

We help you identify your ideal customers and connect with the decision-makers. We will help you leverage rich company insights and contact profiles so that you can get in touch with your prospects.

Additionally, we will ethically map out your competitors to bring to light invaluable information for your business. Moreover, we will map out their clientele portfolio and provide you with the contact details.




Retain your current customer, close more deals and stay ahead of the market with highly

efficient market research!Contact us today.

5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Market Research to Persuade

Do You Need Market Research?

Market research is one of the most substantial steps to business growth! The result of the market research will enable you to change, add and/or remove your current marketing strategies.

Placing your focus on market research will enable your company to thrive within South Africa. At Persuade, we specialize in market research

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Who is PERSUADE a perfect fit for?

Founders and entrepreneurs

We work with ambitious entrepreneurs and founders that want a steady stream of leads. Minimum criteria is that you have a sales team of 2-5 people and the company must be generating R250 000 per month in revenue.

Marketing directors

We help marketing managers identify new strategies to acquire new business. We focus on helping mid to large companies with a tailor made approach.

Sales directors

Increase your sales and get a pipeline of warm to sales ready leads. Perfect for businesses that have large sales teams generating millions of revenue per month.

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