April 5, 2018

Are Lead Generation Services for Financial Advisors Beneficial, Especially Startups?

Finding leads can be the most stressful part of any financial advisor’s day-to-day experience, and yet others believe that this isn’t the case. If so, why is it then, that many financial advisors struggle to find reliable leads on their own?

Well, choosing a third-party representative to generate leads on your behalf can help you achieve better results for your business through their understanding of market research and sales support.

Market Research

Many companies are unable to fully do or maintain their own market research, especially for startups and small businesses, because they need to focus on other business functions. It is vital to continuously generate credible leads in order for your business to grow and expand and this is best accomplished through a clear understanding of your competition as well as what your prospective clients want, as well as how to cater to them.

What are the benefits?

  • Market research can be seen as a blueprint. You are able to outline and view the advantages for your business before making any decision and implementing it.
  • Because they know your market, lead generation services providers are easily able to provide your business as a solution to their needs.
  • Simply put, these services are able to provide your business with accurate results. Because they do extensive research, solely focusing on your business’ needs, you know for certain that you can trust the credibility of the leads provided to you.
  • Lead generation services are able to open the market of opportunities to your business and provide opportunities for appointment setting.

Sale Support and Lead Generation

Growth is not singular. There is always a need to provide businesses with support in order to grow and gain the necessary opportunities they need to expand, especially as a small financial advisory. You also may not know who the correct business leads you need to target are. Key benefits that go into sales support and lead generation include:

  • You can skip the cold calling and get better, faster results than those provided by lead generation. The understanding of your needs and attaining leads is at the heart of lead generation services. These services can also be automated for efficient results.
  • Strategy is important in every business and being able to have a dedicated team monitoring and assessing your business interests, you are able to manage your plans and follow-up strategy.
  • Time is money and you want to make a profit. So, avoiding a long sales cycle is a necessity for you.

Small businesses have very little room for error. Getting as many leads at an early stage as possible is a turnkey solution for them. Instead of failing trying to get leads yourself, your best bet may be through appointment setting services.

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