August 23, 2019

Lead Generation Business Hacks for More Sales

Businesses need sales to survive. Sales need leads. Leads need sources. For business owners, the lifecycle of a lead should always be fluid in order to tap into the full spectrum of client buy-in. Without a customer’s buy-in, the business might as well close doors. Lead generation is the act of creating enough interest in a business in order to encourage purchasing its goods or services. For these leads to be effective, they need to convert to sales, and sales should convert to repeat customers.

Don’t Ignore the MQL

The Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) is often a burr in the bonnet for some sales teams and business owners, as these customers are considered browsers but not necessarily buyers. While in the past, they would be disregarded and the salesperson would move on the Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) instead, the MQL can be a great asset to a business. This group is often the group that exercises patience before buying into your product, and when they do, it means that they’ve vetted you against a number of your competitors and found you to be the best. While the SQL needs to be acted on immediately to close a quick sale, the MQL is worth the investment of time.

Make Use of Professionals in the Industry

There are companies out there that specialise lead generation business tools such as client lists, and businesses who use them need to do some research before plunging in the deep end. It’s important to look up references and reviews of these companies to ensure that the book they’re selling isn’t an old one and doesn’t go against any rules or regulations for the industry. It’s also important that the leads you buy, are tested and that you’re not simply just recycling your own database.

Personal Networks Provide Free Leads

Businesses will spend thousands on marketing campaigns to punt their offering to customers who may never have heard of them while they may have employees or connections that can refer their contacts. One of the best ways to generate interest among employees and connections to share qualifying leads is by incentivising the lead. This could be a financial reward, trip, a dinner for two, or anything that would sweeten the deal.

Become a Problem Solver

When consumers take to the internet to find a solution, there may be a few ads listed at the top of the search, and sometimes there’s a snippet of a blog post that answers that particular question. For businesses, it’s more important to provide useful information on the web than merely just stuff their content with keywords. By turning a business blog into a useful tool for consumers, this builds trust which inevitably leads to a future customer. While there work and effort that goes into this, it happens to be a cost-effective lead generation business hack.

For businesses, lead generation is the lifeblood of their operation and without leads, that all-important sales wheel stops turning.

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