August 20, 2019

Inbound Marketing Tips & Tricks

Inbound marketing is considered the modern equivalent of advertising and whereas, in the past, advertising firms were used to tap into the psyche of the consumer, content now takes its place. Content creators are responsible for more than just pushing a product or service. They need to be in the business of problem-solving. The modern marketing process allows marketers to tap into the needs and desires of the consumer throughout three stages of the buying process without having to be aggressive or overly salesy.

Create Awareness with Your Buyers

It’s usually at this phase where archaic marketing tactics would bombard their potential client base with new products and why they need to use it. For consumers, the entire act of consuming is changing as they become more aware of the drivers that provoke them to purchase. Purchases are now more intentional and for brands to tap into this, it will take more than a product push to get consumers to bite. In fact, it will take a remarkable effort for brands to push products that have no relevance, identity, or back story. Instead, in this awareness phase, companies should rather focus on providing consumers with useful information such as valuable content to speed up the research process. Influencers have perfected the art of content and while this isn’t always possible for other businesses, their content is a product on its own. For businesses, influencers illustrate the importance of content.

Offer Possible Considerations

Modern consumers aren’t scared of doing research before they commit to purchasing a product. As a business, it works to form part of the consideration process. Recommendations, rave reviews, and personal network mentions count towards those brownie points while consumers sift through the endless options online. It’s also during this phase where you’ll be happy you invested in SEO and marketing specialists who can help boost your content, as it’s important to know what consumers are searching for on the web when it comes to the service or product you offer.

Make the Decision-Making Process Easier

While the hot and heavy advertising of the past may have tried to offer consumers once-off opportunities, discounts, or flash sales, those tactics might not be as effective nowadays. While the price point still matters, the quality of the product is something that pops up a little more often now. Perhaps it’s the low-quality, mass-produced goods that just no longer seem attractive, or perhaps it’s the consumer’s drive to relate to a brand that brings up the quality question a little more often now. For businesses, however, the inbound marketing tactic that will serve them best to close the sale is something that they would need to have in place before they even enter the market, which is relatable branding. The content, social media marketing, and even product innovation will need to work doubly hard if the branding is off, or somehow not something consumers can relate to.

Businesses who want to flourish in a world where the hard sell is no longer a viable sales tactic will need to explore how they can be of value more than merely just provide a product or service.

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