September 4, 2018

Importance of Having a Database of Prospects for Your Business

Having an email database for your business is still an effective method of generating leads. There is the option of buying a mailing list, but this is an easy route to take, and we understand why it would not be beneficial for your business. Such lists have changed hands between marketers and may end up in the prospect’s spam folder. This happens because the receiver never subscribes for emails from your business. Sending such emails might even get you into trouble with the authorities given the Spam Act, which is in place.

For you to genuinely increase conversions and develop a relationship with your prospects, you need to create your own mailing list from scratch. It may be a bit harder on this one, but you will end up with a list of individuals with an interest in receiving emails from you. You can employ the following strategy during creation and management of your mailing list:

  • l Have a client opt-in form for interested individuals
  • l Have a few fields in your opt-in forms because asking for too much information may feel like an invasion of privacy
  • l Segment your subscribers to ensure each gets a customized email to increase chances of conversion
  • l Use dedicated email marketing apps in managing your email

Benefits of Having a List of Prospects

Having a list of prospects is important in lead generation and translates to profits in businesses in the long-term. Here are some of the benefits of having this list.

l Building Relationships – A business may develop new relationships with prospective and existing customers.

l Having a Good Image – Regular but not spammy emails to prospects and customers enhances the image of a business over time.

l More Sales – This is the point of having a list in the first place. For customers who successfully make a purchase and is on a mailing list, the likelihood of them coming back is high.

l Awareness – Prospects are likely to become customers once they become familiar with a business. Regular emails will give them the information they need.

l Enhancing Customer Loyalty – Mailing lists provide an opportunity to offer exclusive offers and content to your subscribers, a great way of creating a fanbase. Fans are always better than customers are.

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