March 23, 2018

How to Maximise Your Database Lead Relationships Without Drowning Them in Emails

Email marketing might have a high ROI, but it’s still a hit or miss affair. No business wants customers to unsubscribe from their mailing list or even worse, delete their emails without reading them and flag them as spam.

Research reinforces this, showing that the average email database shrinks by almost a fifth every year, with the top reason people give for unsubscribing being receiving too many emails from a business. When you’ve spent months carefully building up a curated lead database, you need to communicate with care. Most of us understand the frustrations of being bombarded with emails filled with useless details or demanding immediate action. Here’s now you can maximise your database leads without drowning them in emails.

Remarketing through multiple channels

Instead of wearing out your customer’s patience with dozens of mails, why not spread out your efforts using a multi-channel approach instead? Not only does this allow you to segment your communications better (for a more individualised message) but it can also help you drive sales and get better responses.

There are many ways that you can achieve this, and remarketing is one of them. You can use many different platforms to target those that have signed up to your database and have perhaps not taken any action since or who responded to an initial email before falling back. This can take place on Facebook, Google Display Network websites and LinkedIn and you can target them with content, discounts or anything else that might be appropriate.

Create new audiences

Once you’ve created a lead database, you can use the traits of this group to help you find customers similar to them, giving your business an entirely new group to target, without continually badgering a single database or relying on them to be your sole source of sales.

Facebook is a platform that lets you cross reference your current database of emails with that of users of the site, using this information to create a brand-new list of contacts with similar qualities to your first.

Who knew your humble database of leads could take you so far? With the right approach (and lead generation efforts) anything is possible. Sending fewer, more concentrated emails and supplementing this with multichannel efforts is more likely to bring you success.

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