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Leads are directed towards reaching out to the potential customers. The leads range from direct mailing, cold calling,  hot leads, trade shows, advertising among other marketing efforts. The interest behind the leads is to convince the potential customers to buy the product or service being offered. To reach out to the South African market, you can apply one of the leads that you would deem suitable depending on the type of products or service you offer. To reach South Africa’s market through hot leads or the pre-qualified leads, you can either do it by cold calling & hot leads or setting appointments. Here are a few tips on how you can apply cold calling or appointment setting for your pre-qualified and hot leads in South Africa’s market.

Successful cold calling/appointment setting tips

  • Ask client-centered questions. The questions that you will be asking the client should focus on how they can meet their needs and what they want. You should at no point talk much about your identity as a business or what you do or what others do.
  • Have well-planned questions in advance. The more the information you can gather from the client, the easier you can be able to make a sale. Therefore, be organised before calling the client ranging from being general to ask specific questions.
  • Avoid previously used cold calling scripts. Scripts only make you focus much on the what is stated there. However, it all about making the call feel personal. The focus is to make the client open about themselves. Their opening up is in the interest to meet the promise elicited by your initial question.
  • Don’t overwhelm the potential customer. The implication is to go with a simple folder instead of a stack of samples and brochures. Let their interests or questions be the one to prompt you to go back to your car for more. Going with a briefcase of them would result in them being resistant.
  • Avoid selling during the first cold call. The first cold call should be directed towards gathering information. The exception is where the product does expensive and does not require much thinking. Always focus on establishing rapport for the next encounter.
  • Let the potential client relax. Giving them adequate time to relax is what makes the prospect be at liberty and ease to open up to you during the setup appointment.
  • Find out from then what benefit they would get by buying from you. Focus on identifying what might excite the prospect to buy or the fear that might hold them back.
  • Be at liberty to ask for more. To fully comprehend the needs of the prospect, gathering as much information as you can is the key. You would be surprised at how much they can tell you. That is what you will use to make a sale.

The secret lies in the ability to make the session as interactive as possible. Make the first impression as professional as you can. Soonest you get down to business, let the prospect feel comfortable. South Africans are friendly people. All you need is to make the session personal and give them an environment where they are at ease to pour their hearts out to you. You will be surprised to see yourself increasing sales to a great magnitude.

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