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3 arrow - Get Started What do you need help with? *
Key A I want to get more predictable lead generation
Key B I want to outsource my sales to a specialist
Key C I want to increase retention of my existing customers
Key D I want sales related consulting to grow my business
Key E I need a team to do all the above
4 arrow - Get Started How many staff do you have?*
Key A Just myself
Key B 1-5
Key C 5-10
Key D 10-50
Key E 50+
5 arrow - Get Started How much a month in revenue does your company make? *
Key A R1-R50000
Key B R50000 - R100000
Key C R100000 - R250000
Key D R250000 - R500000
Key E R500000 - R2million
6 arrow - Get Started How much can you afford each month? *
Key A R5000
Key B R10000
Key C R15000
Key D R20000+
7 arrow - Get Started Describe what your business does? *

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10 arrow - Get Started What is your position in your company? *
11 arrow - Get Started Are you the decision maker? *
Key A Yes
Key B No
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Key A 09:00
Key B 10:00
Key C 11:00
Key D 12:00
Key E 13:00
Key F 14:00
Key G 15:00
Key H 16:00
13 arrow - Get Started If there is a correct fit between between Persuade and your needs when do you want to get something going? *
Key A Now
Key B In a week
Key C Two weeks
Key D A month
Key E Im still researching
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