December 16, 2019

How To Get Leads For Your Business

Hot Leads

Your business needs clients to generate profit and for this to happen your clients or potential customers need to be interested in your product which eventually results in a sale. But who is your targeted audience? Who hasn’t heard of your business but would be interested in buying what you are selling? These are questions you should be asking yourself and when you do, you will begin to understand why leads are so important and how you can get leads to business growth.

Offer Free Consultation Online

Many upcoming businesses use professional social media platforms to set up free consultations for a set period of time. For example, you could offer a 15-minute free consult on LinkedIn which would attract potential clients creating positive leads. Another example would be to create a poll on Facebook to determine who would be interested in what you are selling. Dedicate a day to this effective method of obtaining new leads every month or so for steady growth.

Referrals From Existing Clients

Once you have established an existing database of clients, you could send a professional mail incentivising your current clients to offer referrals. Referrals are excellent leads to business growth and are easily obtainable from long-standing customers familiar with the quality of your services and or product.

Attend Networking Events

This will require some research as you would need to know when and where workshops are being held in your area to attend and network. You will meet potential clients interested in your product and create a database using a personal touch. This form of networking goes a long way as you can create your own networking events and invite those already in attendance.

Utilize MQL

If you have the funds and you lack the time, you have the option of utilizing Market Qualified Lead services. These are companies which specialize in obtaining leads perfect for your business. While many people choose this route, it may set you back a pretty penny. Also, you would need to revisit this option to obtain more and as a small business, you might not think the cost is worth the effort but as you grow it will become far more important to your business to maintain is growth.

Optimize Your Site With Live Chat

Live chat boxes are ideal for attracting new customers as potential clients can immediately query anything they need to know in a speedy fashion. Rather than having a lead visit your site and go through the FAQ’s but coming up short with a query and leaving your site, they can directly access your team of trained professional staff or yourself with a query. There are mobile applications which can be used to reply to these queries so you wouldn’t even need a professional team in the beginning. However, as you expand you may want to invest in a hired to professional to help you with the load as people prefer to have immediate reactions to their queries than wait upon an automated reply or an email response.

Obtaining leads is easily accomplished if you just know where to start!

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