October 15, 2018

How To Generate Insurance Leads In South Africa

Insurance is something everyone needs, for everything from their cars and household contents to their health and their pets. In such a competitive industry, businesses should be doing all they can to attract and retain customers, but as there’s such a high customer turnover it’s apparent that something isn’t working in how it’s being done. To keep the clients coming in and avoid losing the ones you have, you have to know the right way to generate insurance leads in South Africa.


Your success in lead generation depends on your prospects specifically looking for what you offer. What kind of lifestyles do they live and what’s their appetite for risk? What are they willing to spend and what do they expect in return? What keeps them up at night and how can your business help them sleep soundly again?


To get a prospect’s contact details, you need to offer them something of value. It’s no longer enough to provide a free insurance quote as this is something most insurers offer. In addition to inbound tactics such as PPC campaigns and optimising website SEO, you could offer a household insurance checklist or downloadable lead bait in exchange for an email address or phone number.

  • WHY YOU?

Many insurance providers present offers using confusing jargon aimed at ambushing the customer into a sale. It’s no wonder that customers end up backing out or cancelling their insurance soon after. Instead of wasting your customer’s time, tell them exactly what you’re offering them that others can’t, in plain language. If you charge more, tell them what they’re getting for it.


The easiest way to keep a client is to make it easy and beneficial for them to stay with you. You can easily do this by tracking and monitoring their relationship with your business, using email marketing to stay up to date with them. A simple act of rewarding a long-time customer with a discount could keep them with your business, as can offering them a discount in exchange for a referral.

Struggling to manage your insurance lead generation, qualification and tracking? There are businesses that specifically deal with generating insurance leads in South Africa. For more information, contact Persuade today.

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