February 25, 2018

There Are Dozens Of Lead Generation Companies In South Africa. Which One Should Your Business Choose?

Your business is good at what it does. To be good at what you do, it’s only natural that you eat, sleep and breathe your business, which leaves little time to become a specialist at anything else. This is why many businesses make the wise decision to get external companies to take care of their promotions, I.T services and more. When it comes to a lead generation, how can your business make the right choice when there are so many lead generation companies in South Africa? Here’s what to look for to avoid disappointment.

  1. Do they target everyone?

Your business cannot appeal to every client on the market, and targeting everyone indiscriminately will cost your business time and money. A quality lead generation company will recognise this and identify who you should target that’s most likely to want what you offer, and has the means and motivation to get it.

  1. Do they mislead leads?

While plenty of leads is good, it doesn’t mean they’ll all be suitable, and an experienced lead generation company will focus on quality over quantity. This means being honest with prospects about what your business has to offer, instead of making outlandish claims to pique their interest, which will only fade as they realise it’s not true.

  1. Are they compliant?

South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act has very clear standards on how, when, why and where information can be collected from people. A lead generation firm that cuts corners could bypass obtaining consent or falsify information. This might end up with your business being slapped with a hefty fine, even if you had no idea it was occurring in the first place.

  1. Do they go one step further?

Many a lead generation agency will promise your business leads and then serve them up to you in an email document. This document will probably sit in your very busy inbox for months before you can take action, by which time it might be out of date. A good lead generation company will take things one step further, bringing your leads to your doorstep via appointment, if necessary.

Finalise your lead generation partner with the above questions and you’ll find the process to be quicker and more effective than you thought possible.

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