August 6, 2019

Creating Business Leads From Scratch

Whether you’re selling copywriting services to corporates or agricultural equipment to developing countries, creating business pipeline is part of the process. But before the sales discussion even takes place, you would need to know who to contact in order to pitch your service or product. Sometimes your leads build themselves without any input of your own, but for a very large chunk of companies out there, generating leads is part of their daily business operations. While a marketing team might help, not all businesses have the capacity to appoint someone right away. In those early days, you may want to consider ramping up your productivity in creating business leads.

Tap Into Your Personal Network

Once your close network becomes aware that you are starting your own business, it’s natural to assume that they would send referrals your way. Don’t be fooled by this assumption, as many people don’t realize that you need to start up somehow. Instead of just making any assumptions, ask your personal network whether they know someone who may benefit from your service. You would need to take special care of this network, as there is also relationship at stake.

Plug Into Networking Events

One of the fastest ways to get into contact with people who aim to do business is by joining a networking event. If you have an event tailored specifically to your industry, even better as the leads will be targeted. Be prepared when you go to one of these events by having your business card on hand. Once you’ve received the business cards of others, make a point of following up on those leads.

Social Networks Are Free Advertising

The best part about social networks is how easily it connects you to others without charging you a cent. You can leverage these platforms to your favour as you showcase your new business venture and even create a page for it. There are also countless groups you can plug into once you’ve decided on your niche and you’ll be surprised at the number of information people are willing to part with for free and can promote generating leads.

Generating Business Leads Requires You to Can the Sales Funnel

The sales funnel has died and the methodology behind it along with it. This is because the sales funnel creates a scenario of stuffing the top of the funnel with as much as you can, in the hope that what comes out the bottom is your perfect fit. This has since been replaced with the sales flywheel which forces businesses to be more direct in their lead sourcing. The flywheel is a continuous cycle which means that your ultimate lead generation tool is tapping into your existing client base. If you’ve used the sales funnel as a means to generate leads before, it’s time to revisit the leads that didn’t make it through the funnel to ensure that there aren’t any missed opportunities.

Businesses that need a little push when it comes to lead generation will be surprised to learn just how many opportunities are in their existing base and through contacts they’ve already made.

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