August 16, 2019

How to Create Sales Leads

Growth is an integral process in the lifecycle of the business and well before the business is even established, business owners should already have an idea of the amount of growth they need to achieve year-on-year to meet their objectives. Part of the growth process is onboarding new customers, and in order to attract those new customers, businesses need to generate leads. While it may seem daunting to put your product or service out there, generating sales leads for your business might be one of the simplest processes to follow.

Refer To Your Feasibility Study

Before you even started your business, you may have done a formal or informal feasibility study. This would’ve given you some idea of the target market you were trying to market to, and this will also be the launch pad for your business lead generation journey. In this process, it’s important not to get lost in the fray as you work through the demographics. Have a clear picture of the type of client that will benefit from your product or service, how much they earn, and what products or services can complement your current offering to these clients.

Tap Into Your Database

If you already have an existing client network that’s signed up to your newsletter or blog posts, that’s a free form of advertising. These customers have already indicated that they want to hear more about your business, and by including a sales stream within these newsletters or posts, you’re tapping into your existing base without the need to try and find additional customers. Cross-selling to your existing base is not only a good way to ensure that you boost customer loyalty, but it also happens to be a cost-effective form of marketing.

Understand the Sales Tactics That Work For Your Base

The hard sell method was the only method used for a number of years since marketing agencies made their appearance in the fifties. But that’s not the case anymore and younger generations are finding it hard to support brands that push sales purely for the sake of the sale. If your business happens to target millennials, you’re going to want to align your sales leads generation campaign more closely to your brand ethos to ensure you get the buy-in from your client base.

Meet Your Clients on Their Playing Field

It’s important to align your lead strategy to your desired outcome. It’s even more important to align your lead strategy to the actual capacity of the business. One of the best ways to keep your existing base engaged and to generate new leads from a targeted pool is by leveraging the targeted advertising on social media. Those who want to align with your brand will take the bait and you’ll have the peace of mind that those within your social media circle really want to be there. It’s far easier to generate sales from a willing base than from someone unfamiliar with your mission and vision.

While it may not seem like a simple process to tap into at first, generating leads for sales can be simple and inexpensive.

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