Covid-19: 5 Tips to Sustain Growth

Covid-19 5 Tips-to Sustain

Covid-19 has dramatically affected businesses across the world. It has swept them all into unknown waters, causing many to close their doors or change their approach.

As sales are on the decline, we need to understand that the conventional selling tactic does not work as before! Hence, as we navigate through the pandemic, there are several techniques you can strategise to make the most out of the situation.

If you want to grow faster during this world crisis, you need to lead your business by keeping one compelling truth in mind – Customers are afraid to buy because they are aware that many companies are at risk of running out of money.

Here are four tips that we have put together to help you keep afloat during this trying time and keep growing.

4 Tips to Keep Closing Sales

  1. Focus on looking for Buyers instead of people to sell

There is a difference between someone who is a buyer and someone who is being sold something. Any great salesperson can sell to anyone but not during the pandemic! Now is the time to find buyers.

Buyers are people who are seriously looking for or in real need of your product or service. This approach is based entirely on whom you are dealing with rather than your product or service. Therefore, you need to shift your focus from your company to your audience. To do so, you need to get invested in intent data about your potential customers’ activities. Remember, there are buyers actively looking. Therefore, if you find out who they are, then you will be able to approach them.

  1. Re-evaluate your products/services

Re-evaluate your products/services to ensure it aligns with the current market trends. Some of the products/services you offer may be unrelated to the needs of your customers. So you need to ask yourself what products/services you should sell that are relevant now. Upon re-evaluating your products and services, you need to readjust them to cater to your customers.

  1. Improve communication

A simple miscommunication can prevent you from better understanding your customers’ needs at this time. Thus, you need to improve your communication channels.

  1. Adjust your marketing goals

Sales and marketing go hand in hand. You cannot increase sales without adjusting your marketing strategy, even during a pandemic! You need to adjust your marketing strategy to demonstrate the changes you have made to your business regarding Covid-19. Note that the better you communicate and resonate with your customers in this time, the more willing they will be to do business with your brand.

  1. Focus on Customer Experience

During the pandemic, it is a good opportunity to think about how you can offer value to your customers through your communications with them. You need to create a unique and memorable experience which will in turn make you a reliable and trusted company.


This period in sales history requires a heavy game of mental toughness. You need to be patient, positive and continue to work. One cannot look too far ahead. We have to do the next right thing which is remaining aware and open to what comes next.

At such a difficult time, at Persuade, our team is committed to helping you pull through and keep afloat! Talk to us today and find out how we can help you!

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