June 11, 2019

Cold-calling: a competitive edge for SMEs

When it comes to running a small enterprise business, the odds of being successful are normally stacked up against these operations. Even the start-up of these companies encounters many common problems that it’s challenging to overcome. Particularly, as these businesses owners and their staff work diligently to attract their first customer, fulfill relatively sizeable orders, or bid on things that will help to expand their operations. While this is true, there are some strengths that a small business enterprise can bring to the table that may not really exist in the larger organizations. Therefore, it is critical that these SMEs focus on these areas in order to obtain the amount of success that they are looking to achieve. One of the more notable involves the use of cold calling as a means to promote and market products and services.

Cold Calling is Potentially a Great Marketing tool for the Small Business – When Used Correctly

Even though cold calling services can be used as a great marketing tool for small business, the success that anyone achieves in this area can often be overshadowed by the questionable and bad reputation that it has. Also, because cold calling is considered to have a bad reputation that people really do not want any part of, some small business will not use this method of reaching out to new customers. However, for those SMEs that know how viable this option is for those small companies who want to learn how to deploy these initiatives and use effectively, this marketing strategy can be a great way to expand their business.

Drawbacks of Cold Calling

For both the small and large businesses, cold calling has specific drawbacks that can make this marketing strategy difficult to use in this day and age. Hence, some of the top problems, issues and concerns are listed as follows

– Long list of thousands of people that can be contacted

– Impersonal Calls from unwanted Businesses Representatives – Normally a 20-second impromtu introduction

– Most cold callers not trained in the basics of grasping the listener’s attention

– tele-sales calls blocked

Cold Calling – Beneficial to SMEs When Staff is Properly Trained

Now that you know the drawbacks to using this method of marketing, you should also know that SMEs can use this marketing strategy as a weapon to grow their businesses. Instead of using a list of thousands of people at a time, the SME can target the smaller population instead. With this custom list, the smaller companies can have the advantage of making the first contact a lot more personal. For instance, the marketer of the SME should target a smaller audience with like interest and preference in order to get a competitive edge over the larger companies.

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