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Having an email database for your business is still an effective method of generating leads. There is the option of buying a mailing list, but this is an easy route to take, and we understand why it would not be beneficial for your business databases. Such lists have changed hands between marketers and may end up in the prospect’s spam folder. This happens because the receiver never subscribes for emails from your business. Sending such emails might even get you into trouble with the authorities given the Spam Act, which is in place.

For you to genuinely increase conversions and develop a relationship with your prospects, you need to create your own mailing list from scratch. It may be a bit harder on this one, but you will end up with a list of individuals with an interest in receiving emails from you. You can employ the following strategy during the creation and management of your mailing list:

At Persuade Marketing, our business databases have over 350 000 unique contact details of businesses, governments decision makers and more for businesses in South Africa.

To order a database its R2.50 per record / Minimum of 2000 records per order

Note all data is given on a rental per once off campaigns

Our Sales Leads Database consists of:

  • First name + Surname
  • Name of company
  • Designation of role
  • Type of industry
  • Geographic area
  • Size of company
  • Full address
  • Direct extension number
  • Person’s cellphone number
  • Persons company email

Why should you use our Business Databases?

  • Our databases are accurate and are built on the highest integrity levels
  • 350 000 B2B records on our files which gets updated on a daily basis
  • POPI compliant we do not collect personal information all records are strictly business related
  • We offer a replacement guarantee on any data for peace of mind and transparency up to one week after rental

Benefits of using our databases

1x1.trans - Business Databases

Building Relationships

A business may develop new relationships with prospective and existing customers.

1x1.trans - Business Databases

Having a Good Image

Regular but not spammy emails to prospects and customers enhances the image of a business over time.

1x1.trans - Business Databases

More Sales

This is the point of having a list in the first place. For customers who successfully make a purchase and is on a mailing list, the likelihood of them coming back is high.

1x1.trans - Business Databases


Prospects are likely to become customers once they become familiar with a business. Regular emails will give them the information they need.

1x1.trans - Business Databases

Enhancing Customer Loyalty

Mailing lists provide an opportunity to offer exclusive offers and content to your subscribers, a great way of creating a fanbase. Fans are always better than customers are.

What other services’s does Persuade offer?

1x1.trans - Business Databases

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1x1.trans - Business Databases

1x1.trans - Business Databases

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1x1.trans - Business Databases

1x1.trans - Business Databases

Business Databases

Having an email database for your business is still an effective method of generating leads. There is the option of buying a mailing list, but this is an easy route to take…

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