November 18, 2019

How In bound Marketing Is Done In South Africa

Inbound marketing

In bound marketing is incredibly vital to your business, especially as a South African. The country is one of the hottest tourist destinations and business is competitive. If you want to stay ahead of the game and keep your leads interested without frustrating them and eventually losing them, you will want to know more about inbound marketing and how it’s done in the culturally rich and diverse country.

  • So What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is attracting a market ideal for your business without hassling them to the extent of being off putting. Telemarketers are the prime example of an avenue of marketing that many find frustrating. Thankfully, times have changed and the approach to attracting leads has evolved with these times.

Rather than hassle your prospective clients, you will use a form of marketing that attracts a targeted audience to your business and allows them the opportunity to reach out to you.

But what makes inbound marketing such a powerful tool is the opportunity to build relationships with prospective clients and businesses as you are more focus on coming to their aid rather than selling them a product or service. This forms a foundation with these leads, one they will remember when they have need of your service.

  • How South African Companies Attract Leads

Defying the rest of the world, South African businesses have taken on a new approach and one of a more personal touch. Blogs are one of the most popular forms of inbound marketing and while you can hire companies to focus on these areas, you too can contribute as a business owner and monitor the connectivity of your business with leads.

Tools are utilized to connect and keep up with the inbound traffic to your business. Popular tools includes live chat options, email, contact forms and telephonic incoming calls.

Once your business has attracted leads, its next challenge is to keep them engaged and trusting of both your product and services. This is where your company needs to separate from technology in terms of creating a more hands on connection, something technology lacks and clients love. They want to know all their concerns and queries will be handled in a caring manner rather than deal with automated services which will create a cold trail and you stand to lose your lead.

  • Combining the Inbound Methodology and Marketing

If you want to work well in the South African business market you need to reach hundreds of different cultures and walks of life but one tool, proven to work in favor of business owners is the combination of inbound methodology and marketing. Inbound marketing is one of the most powerful tools used to obtain potential customers and forming a quality database of leads to follow up with at a later point.

Inbound marketing in South Africa takes on a very personal touch in terms with connecting with clients as people and not just clients. It could also be one of the reason there are so many successful smaller South African businesses rather than larger corporations. People enjoy a personal touch, and that’s how it’s done in South Africa.

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