It is essential to generate proper leads that appeal to your market if you want your business to prosper and attain more yields. Take a look at the following methods of generation and tips of how you can benefit from them; Social Media Campaign With the advent of social media, the creation of customer based
As companies globally respond to rising costs of production, South Africa is now emerging as a recommended destination for outsourcing. This is due to the following factors: Reliable, cheap workforce English Language, primarily spoken by the population. Compatible Time-zone with Europe Great government support Good exchange rate An advanced telecommunications’ industry G
For several reasons, both small and large business enterprises in most cases prefer outsourcing specific services or tasks to agencies and third parties as well. Businesses often choose to outsource services in a bid to cut costs, and this has become the main driver. Some of the reasons as to why businesses have been doing
Outsourced Marketing
Most entrepreneurs have been obsessed with ideas of outsourcing anything they can from product manufacturing, distribution, sales and much more. The ultimate solution is outsourcing your outbound and inbound needs to an external team. But this process cannot be tried prematurely, as getting a positive investment return with an Outsourced sales team is not as
Business databases
Having an email database for your business is still an effective method of generating leads. There is the option of buying a mailing list, but this is an easy route to take, and we understand why it would not be beneficial for your business. Such lists have changed hands between marketers and may end up
Outbound marketing
Most individuals make a mistake of believing that the use of telemarketers is limited in the use of the sales activities of cold calling. But telemarketing services can actually be used for turning numerous opportunities into businesses. There are so many ways of doing this, but the following are our selected top ten ways of
IT lead generation

Tips for mastering IT lead generation

Running an IT business in today’s competitive marketplace is challenging. If you aren’t continually bringing in new clients, you could run out of business when you need it most. Using your website to attract customers works, provided you use proven IT lead generation tactics. If you’re unfamiliar with what this involves, here’s what you should
As a managed service provider, you’re responsible for the daily management of operational services that keep your business running, such as IT, HR and procurement management. Your business benefits from long-term customer service agreements for maintenance and support. This means you can accurately predict your monthly income, but also makes it challenging to find new
Inbound Marketing
Outbound marketing covers techniques where you go out directly looking for customers.Over the last 10 to 15 years marketing has totally changed drastically. Adverts on television, radio stations, and in print were all successful and also valuable methods of gaining new clients. However, since the internet, those outdated forms of marketing are getting less effective
Many times, digital lead generation can be considered as synonymous with advertising. But nevertheless there are also different ways to get leads that are not regarded as advertising, such as referrals from previously existing customers. Digital leads are extremely important that many organizations will spend money on Internet marketing not to directly make a sale,
A sale is certainly not generated after the first contact with a prospective client. It often takes numerous communication attempts to convert a lead. The length of this part of the sales process often depends on whether the leads are comfortable or cold. A cold lead could be in the target market, but do not
Although the costs of lead generation as well as customer acquisition attributed to online marketing is definitely below that of traditional marketing methods, the good results rate of real revenue development will often linger behind opinions. What exactly is the primary focus of over 97% of online marketing? Generating traffic of course. These same individuals

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