B2B Sales Techniques – Which One Fits Your Company?

B2B Sales Techniques

Business to Business (B2B) sales can be challenging if you do not have the right strategy in place!

Your company will be struggling to get more qualified leads to keep your sales pipeline healthy while needing to fill that pipeline because of the long sales cycles. More than a simple sale, B2B sale is all about obtaining acquisitions and customer loyalty. Thus, it requires more complex sales strategies to increase conversion rates.

In today’s world, B2B sales teams have lots of techniques and strategies to choose from, however, choosing the one that works best for the particular company, audience and product/service is challenging.

You need to take the time to identify the different possible strategies and consider which ones are best suited to your customer base and services or products.

Here are three techniques to choose from which will help drive your B2B Sales:

  1. Solution Selling Solution selling is simple and straightforward! It is a process that focuses more on the needs of the lead than it does during the actual product sale process. You talk to your potential buyer to learn their needs and pain points, then offer your product or service as the ideal solution.

For this technique to work, you need to tailor your approach to your customers’ needs and offer them the product/service that will solve all their problems/needs. The trick is to start with a focused information-gathering process, then shift to focused value delivery.

  1. Value-Based Selling  Value-based selling is about communicating what your potential buyers will gain by doing business with your company. Similar to solution selling, you will be guiding your them to an understanding and persuade them that they should choose your company.

You need to start by listening to their needs and deliver your sales pitch in direct response to what they say. Additionally, when using this technique, you will need to emphasise on how they will save by buying from you. The technique is even more effective when you use numbers and statistics to persuade them.

  1. Account-Based Sales  An account-based selling technique treats each account as a market of one. This process starts with a research, your sales and marketing team will find companies that have a confirmed need for your product or service. Then, they will identify the decision makers of those targeted companies for example the product manager or sales manager.

After identifying the decision makers, they will plan a strategy created specifically to convert them into clients. This is effective because it appeals to the interests and concerns of all key stakeholders within companies.

Which Technique Should You Use?

The answer is – to each his own. While the above 3 techniques have proven to be efficient, not every B2B sales technique is suitable for every business. After all, B2B sales is all about finding the right prospect and reaching out to them with the right message, at the right time.

If you need help choosing which technique is right for your business, talk to the experts at Persuade today!

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