March 8, 2019

B2B cold calling best practices

b2b cold calling best practices

Cold calling is a hard process and not everyone is able to pull it off, it requires a steady professional approach with continuity in the process and strong nerves as well to pull it off. But if you are a business to a business representative then it is going to take something more than a typical cold calling attitude to layout your propositions before various businesses and actually convincing them to work with you.

These following practices might help you to get a better hold of the situation and convince other cold calling companies or B2B business franchises to actually work with you or buy products from you;

  1. Target your audience

It is extremely important to target your specific audience or industry in particular that will actually be interested in what you are buying. This is the first strategy to implement in cold calling technique because if you don’t know who your target company or business is then cold calling might turn into a futile endeavor for you. Therefore, try to seek out contracts at the right level and when you present something like a product or service to the company then the representative you are aligned with should be able to make the buying decision on the behalf of the whole business or industry.

  1. Do your research

As professionals always say that before you jump in high waters you better know all the pros and cons for this adventure. That is why it is important to do your research beforehand about the business you are trying to connect with. Social media channels can be a great help in this regard, you can find credible source, information which might interest your cause and once you are done with all the research you can make a move and call away with authenticated and personalized information regarding the products or services they are in need of and how you can be a better wholesale dealer for them.

  1. Strategize your plan

Even when you were able to get ahold of the right person whom you can call and address the proposition of your business and how their business can benefit from the products or services you are offering still a lot can go south. The gatekeeper administrative might not allow you to reach the right person that is why you need to strategize your cold calling tactics. The best times to call the right person and get cleared from all restrictions is often midweek, early in the morning or just before the closing time around 5-6 in the evening also works.

  1. Propose your offer

Once you have established the contact with your targeted business and now you are halfway there in scoring the sale, remember to address the major challenges their business is facing and propose an easy and economical solution for the problem. If you are into solving the problem you are actually halfway there scoring the sale.

  1. Back off and give some space

After the interview is done which means that you have called the respective business and have proposed them with your offer it is now time to actually back off and to wait. Yes! That is right now you should wait because there is a fine line between persistence and annoyance and once the line is crossed the deal is over.

That is why give the businesses some time for choosing their ultimate itinerary and getting back to you with an answer. This strategy is way better than just annoying the businesses with continuous cold calls and emails which they would ultimately consider annoying and they won’t even consider your offer anymore.

These few cold calling practices can help you successfully turn some of the businesses into your regular customers and increase your overall sales.

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