December 28, 2020

Avoid Over-Personalization in Lead Generation

Avoid Over Personalization in Lead Generation

Personalization in the business industry is now more than just a catchword! It has become an essential part of many businesses and is one of the key aspects of the Lead Generation Process.

Think about it this way: would you rather receive a marketing message reflecting generic industry and company updates OR would you prefer messages that provide you with the appropriate information based on your needs and requirements?

Everyone would prefer the latter because there is a much higher chance the content will be informative rather than being an unrelated junk email.

However, you should know where to draw the line so you do not fall into over-personalization which will result in losing leads.

How Bad Can Over-Personalization Be?

To put it simply, imagine a salesman trying to pitch you a sale and who seems to know too much about you. He is using your name in every sentence, he knows the products you love and more. Would you find that creepy or cool?

Of course, it would be creepy! Over-personalization is creepy! it is that prohibited line where consumers call out businesses for using personal data and disclosing information that is a bit too private. However, they still want personalized experiences!

The Careful Balance of Personalization

How much personalization is too much? And what can you do to minimize the possibility of being very creepy to your customers?

Lead generation personalization is a very careful balance. Personalizing your campaigns is effective, not personalizing makes them too bland, and too over-personalizing makes them creepy!

How exactly do you hit the ideal balance? Here is what you need to do:

  • Start small and make you way upwards

Just start small and make your way upwards. You do not need too much information to compose a perfectly personalized message. In fact, keep it simple and do not try to go overboard.

Evaluate your target customer and his or her primary problem – why would he or she want your product or services? Now use your buyer persona. It already contains everything your company needs to see in a customer, thus you only need to personalize according to these problems. A balanced personalized campaign aims at making the potential customer feel understood and have a solution for their problem.

Step into The Customer’s Shoes

Personalization in campaigns should be done carefully and responsibly. In order to define if the particular campaign will be too over-personalized (creepy), you need to test it within the company while having your buyer persona in mind. Remember, if you please your audience and bring the value they are looking for, they are far more likely to value your personalization efforts.

They do need someone that will force them into buying, that is someone who will only showcase the products/services and prompt them directly to financing inquiries while being excessively personal and incomprehensive. Instead, they need someone who will understand their problem, provide them solutions that meet their needs, and also give them all the information on the particular products/services.

Remain True to Your Brand’s Tone 

Your brand’s tone is what sets you apart. It needs to be very specific. Although you can play around with it and adjust a little, you should not change it all of a sudden. By changing it, potential customers will lose trust in your brand as they will be confused.

The Outcome

As mentioned earlier, personalization is what drives sales nowadays but there is always a fine line between doing it and overdoing it.

Once you get the right balance, you will be able to connect with your potential customers easily without sounding creepy and driving them away.

At Persuade, we can help you improve your lead generation personalization, contact us today!

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