November 20, 2020

5 Reasons Your Lead Handoff Between Marketing and Sales Is All Wrong

5 Reasons Your Lead Handoff Between Marketing

The lead handoff process is one of the crucial obstructions for every company!

The lead handoff process is the efficient transfer of leads from the marketing team to the sales department. Those leads are then qualified, nurtured, and converted into customers.

Unfortunately, time and again, after the leads go to sales, the ball gets dropped. As a consequence, sales are not closed.

Are you wondering why this happens? It is because the lead handoff process is not seamless!

Where is the disconnect?

Here are 5 reasons why your lead handoff between marketing and sales are failing:

1. Your sales and marketing department is not aligned

Marketing and sales should be in sync with one another! Each department needs to have a clear understanding of the overall revenue goal the company wants to hit and the key metrics they need to deliver. Moreover, they need to comprehend what a good lead looks like and how to treat it.

2. Leads are handed off too early 

The marketing team knows where a lead is in the sales pipeline. However, sometimes they pass on prospects that are not ready to make a purchase yet. It is necessary to establish at what point the lead should be handed over to sales.

 3. The leads are being handed off to the wrong person

To keep the momentum going, marketing should pass leads to the readily available sales representatives who will get in touch with them instantly.

4. The marketing team is not providing enough information

Enriching the leads’ file with enough information will help the sales team communicate with the prospects. For example, they can summarize the prospect’s level of interest and which product or service they might respond to favorably.

5. The handoff process is not explicitly clarified

If the handoff process is not explicitly defined, the responsibilities of each team will fall by the wayside. Thus, both parties need to understand which tasks they are in charge of. Having a well-defined process will decrease the margin of error.

Start Perfecting Your Leads Handoff Process

The key to building a successful lead handoff is to ensure there is an alignment between marketing and sales.  Furthermore, to make the procedure seamless, you need to map all the appropriate variables and come to an agreement on how leads will be scored, handed off, followed up with, and tracked. With the correct processes in place, you will be able to increase your sales pipeline.

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