December 25, 2020

4 Ways to Create a Human-Centered Lead Generation Strategy

4 Ways to Create a Human Centered Lead Generation

As compared to years ago, today, businesses operate in a different world. One where human behavior is being influenced and changed by digital technologies – especially in purchasing choices.

Consequently, businesses cannot keep the strategies of yesterday if they want to stay ahead of the industry. The need to understand how and why buying behaviors through an empathetic lens can be a real challenge. The Human-Centered Approach is all about building a profound empathy with potential customers by understanding their viewpoints, desires, and motivations.  Through this approach, you will be relating to your leads as humans and not as objects.

Market for People and Not to People

When you market to people, you are only trying to get them to do something or buy something you want, whereas when you market for people, you act as an advocate for them. Simply put, you focus on helping them obtain the results or solutions they want or need. That is what human-centered strategy is all about – Market for People!

Look at your current lead generation campaigns – do they speak to your audience in a way that helps them connect to your brand? Or do they strike as sales messages? Do your campaigns focus on making sales only?

While you aim at making more sales, the only way to do so is to relate to your audience, make them feel heard and understood. Remember that you are not seeking clicks. You want to connect and form lasting relationships with your customers. You want to add value to both you and your potential leads.

To develop a human-centered lead generation strategy, there are four steps you can journey through:

  • Empathy – The key to empathy is to remember that it is not about how you would feel in another person’s shoes, but how the other person feels. You need to move out of your mind and get into the mind of the clients. Understand your potential customers, know their motivation, and learn what interests them. Your goal is to get them what they want.
  • Hear and Listen – You need to hear and listen to both your existing and potential customers. Your goal is to help consequently you need to know what you are doing right and how to improve so that you give your audience what they want and not what you think they want.
  • Personalize – Personalize your emails, campaigns, and more. They need to be relevant to your customers. Moreover, you need to show you care and seek to add value with each touch. Remember, you want to make each person you connect with feel as they matter to you and that you want their best interest.
  • Build Relationship – Developing meaningful relationships with customers is very important. If you build a positive rapport with them, they will feel an emotional connection to your brand. As a result, their lifetime value increases, and they are more likely to recommend your business to others.

The Human-Centered Approach Is the Connective Tissue to A Successful Lead Generation Strategy 

You need to embed the human-centered strategy into your company’s culture. But, it is only one pillar of your lead generation strategy. By incorporating the four steps mentioned above to your strategy, you will help you plan rewarding lead generation campaigns, attract customers, and maintain a good relationship with them.

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