February 16, 2021

4 Valuable Ways to Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

4 Valuable Ways to Speed Up Your Sales

Are your sales cycle too long? We all know how hectic sales cycle can be notably when it is too long and we have to hit our targets by the end of the month.

So, how can you speed things up?

Creating the perfect, predictable sales cycle is a never-ending quest but do not worry, At Persuade, we have you covered! We have four valuable tips that will help you speed up closes with a more efficient sales cycle.

How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle?

  1. Respond faster

To close sales faster, you need to respond to enquiries faster. Therefore, you need to respond within the first hour of them contacting you.

  1. Set an agreed-upon goal for each sales call

If you can get a prospect on the phone to talk about his or her enquiry, you should have a goal for the phone call, reach a mutual agreement from your potential customer and then work in collaboration with him or her to achieve the goal by the end of the call. Moreover, at the end of the conversation, you need to schedule the next meeting/phone call and set a goal for that as well.

  1. Explore prospects’ objections before responding to them

You have to listen to your leads, pay attention to their needs/problems and understand the root causes. When you try to understand the root causes of the issue, you will be digging deeper. Thus enabling you to cater to their unique needs.

  1. Be clear about pricing early

You should be clear about the pricing very early because no one likes to get excited about a service/product to later realise it is way out of their means. By cunningly giving out the costs or fees, you also need to make the potential client understand what he/she will get from your service. Transparency will give them a reason to trust you and save you from unforeseen objections down the road.

  1. Create a personalised experience for each prospect

Your product or service should speak to your prospects and the problem they are trying to solve. Therefore, personalisation is critical in helping them feel heard and understood. When you show them that you truly understand their problems/needs, they will more likely feel like you are offering the right solution. As a result, they will trust you and this will make the sales cycle more effective because there will be less back and forth.

A More Systematic and Predictable Sales Pipeline

Once you have succeeded to implement some of the above tactics, you will notice that your sales pipeline will become shorter, more systematic and more predictable.

There are so many other ways to improve your pipeline, even more, the experts at Persuade know all the secrets are committed to helping you close deals quickly and successfully. Contact us today and let us help you

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