November 23, 2020

4 Advantages of Outsourced Sales & Marketing

4 Advantages of Outsourced Sales Marketing

Years ago, businesses requiring sales and marketing capacity leaned towards developing in-house solutions. They would either employ a dedicated sales and marketing team or assign the roles to employees, along with their many other responsibilities. The results were unreliable and that further caused many businesses to fall silently, despite on-going efforts.

Then, an alternative emerged – Outsourced Marketing and Sales!

4 Advantages of Working with an Outsourced Sales and Marketing Companies

Often, it seems sales and marketing have a difficult time producing great results together. However, as we all know they both work hand-in-hand.

Outsourcing marketing and sales can be game-changing! They are an excellent medium for companies to attract high volumes of sales and staying ahead of the market with strategies that will not fail.

You will no longer find your sales team complaining that marketing is providing them with leads that will not convert while marketers complain that sales are not working hard enough to convert the leads.

Here are some advantages of working with an outsourced marketing and sales company:

  • Talent Access

Companies that provide outsourced sales and marketing services have done it all before! By working with them, you will gain access to teams that are at the forefront of both marketing and sales methodologies.

Moreover, you will obtain a 3rd party point of view on your business strategy and new ideas about the market. Since outsourced companies work with several companies, they are more experienced in the market. Thus, they are going to ensure you expand in your current targeted market efficiently.

  • Lead Generation and Increased Sales

For any business, results are what matter – Growth and Increased Sales! Expert B2B marketers state that lead generation is the most important and this is where outsourced companies like Persuade come into play!

They provide you access to a pool of talent, expertise, and ability that will not only generate hot leads but also enable you to hit your company’s goals quicker through upselling marketing. Also, they help you attract sales and profits by channeling data-driven benefits into your company’s growth strategy.

  • Lower Cost and Risk

By outsourcing, you will be saving money as you will not have to hire, train, and retain sales and marketing staff. You will not have to worry as skilled and reliable outsourced sales teams and marketing teams will be completing the work on-time – for less. Therefore, outsourcing provides you the man-power and expertise which your company needs when you need and without the overhead expenses.

  • Focus on The Core Functions of the Company

An outsourced company specializes in driving sales through various channels, including marketing. By assigning the marketing and sales to outsourced experts, you will be able to dedicate more resources and time to the core functions of your company. Additionally, there will be room for more innovations on the objectives of your business. Thus, guaranteeing an overall robust system that customers find appealing.

Is Outsourcing Right for You?

The decision to outsource marketing and sales can be difficult because similar to any business partnership picking a partner that aligns with your company’s values are important to be successful.

With all the advantages you stand to gain by choosing Persuade, the only question you need to ask is “How soon do you want to outsource?” The answer is today.

Contact Persuade and be ready to launch your new sales and marketing plan! We serve clients throughout Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, and more.

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