December 18, 2020

3 Lead Generation Tactics for Cold Emailing

Cold Emailing

Nowadays, one of the best practices for generating leads is through cold-emailing.

What is a cold email?

A cold email is an email that is sent to a potential customer without prior permission or contact with him or her. It is similar to cold calls but less invasive. Cold emailing is a valuable marketing tool that targets leads at a low cost.  Moreover, it helps increase brand awareness and promoting new products or services.

However, coming through with a cold email marketing can be difficult as most recipients tend to delete the emails right after they have received it because they believe they are spams!

In order for your business to benefit from this approach, you need to plan, create, and send cold emails in a way that lines up with your lead generation strategy.

Generate Leads with Cold Emailing

Have you been using cold emails as part of your lead generation strategy, but have obtained no result? Here are 3 ways to generate new leads using cold emails:

  • Know your target audience

Before you complete a cold email outreach campaign, you need people to contact and no you cannot just email anyone!

You need to ensure you have a target audience or buyer persona as this will help increase the relevance of your cold emails, thus increasing your chances of getting a response.

  • Use personalization

Generic emails are not effective nowadays! Potential customers respond more positively to personalized emails.

When you are sending a cold-email you need to ensure the prospect feels like the email was personalized. This will allow them to feel that you are caring for them and ignite their interest in working with your business. Some of the personalized fields include the recipients’ names and the company’s name.

Additionally, ensure that it comes from a real person, do not send from info@, sales@, and more.

  • Write interesting and compelling email subject lines and body

When emailing your target audience, you need to grasp their attention right from the start to the end.

Your subject line should be straightforward and invite curiosity. Similarly, your body should explain the purpose of the email and answer “What is in it for me?”

  • Provide a strong call-to-action

Only sending an email to the potential buyers does not help much until we ask them for a specific action to perform after viewing the message. Therefore, it is very important to add a strong CTA that allows the prospect to get in touch with you. Remember you want them to be interested!

Make Sure to Follow Up

Not all the leads will materialize after cold emails! A Lack of response the first time does not mean that you should just drop the ball. You need to follow up with your leads after a few days to seek their response.

Remember the goal of cold emailing is to start a conversation, not close a sale immediately!

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