May 10, 2019

How to 10X Your Sales in Business


Sorting out customers to find those that are promising future buyers may be hectic and time-consuming. However, if this process is done, then the company is due to enjoy an increase in sales. The whole process tries to find the most qualifying customers that can purchase a product or service now or in the near future.

  • Lead Swapping

This involves the sharing of leads with another company that shares the same clientele with yours. However, the companies should not be competitors. The process is made easier through digitalization to make the best use of this swap. You can track the leads and establish if the information is worth the exchange.

  • Cold Calling

Through cold calling involves directly contacting potential customers who have not previously expressed any interests in your products or services. It is the first contact that customers have with the product or service being offered. Information about your product and the solution it offers is rendered which aims at creating a basis to form an interest which enables you to move forward.

  • Appointments setting

This task can be done by in house or by external agents. The agents get contacts of specific leads and proceed to fix appointments for the company’s initiative. This could include research, negotiation, and building of networks as well as targeting consumers.

An effective appointment setter contacts the lead and sets an appointment time and date. This requires prior preparation. You need to have a script with information on who you are and the company you are representing. This however, should sound natural and convincing enough.

You should talk in an excited tone to get the attention of those you are calling. This could minimize the chances of them hanging up on you without having listened to what you have to say instead of reciting the whole script, you can let the client take the lead and give you cues. Instead of answering all cues, you can ask them to set an appointment to discuss all these further.

Objections usually occur thus its important t know how to handle them. Some objections can be met with asking them to set an appointment. For example if they say they do not have the time to listen, you can respond with, “That is why you need to take an appointment with us.”

After accepting an appointment you can send them a confirmation email reminding them of the appointment date. In case they decline to make one, you can ask for the reasons behind this to know how to assist future clients.

  • BPO Related Outsourcing and Networking

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) involves a company outsourcing some functions to a third party. It is part of Other Service Providers (OSP) category. Both back office and front office activities can be outsourced. The types of outsourcing include: offshore, onshore and near shore. Offshore involves outsourcing from a foreign country. Onshore involves outsourcing from the domestic country/country of operation. On the other hand, near shore outsourcing involves outsourcing from a company that is near the country of operation.

Outsourcing offers major financial and risk benefits. The business also has the ability to be flexible and can enjoy plenty of competitive advantages since the business can concentrate its resources in lesser operations.

  • Investing in technology

The use of new technology such as mobile phones has become a new trend in the market. People use them to access information on social sites as well as emails and websites. Through the use of these phones, the channels of communication have shifted to social sites thus it is necessary to keep updating yourself and using the relevant channels to reach the masses.

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