June 5, 2019

10 Top Ways to Use Telemarketers


If you want to maximize the benefits of using your telemarketer’s staff to promote your marketing campaigns, you should not confine the services that they provide to cold calling only. Because telemarketing itself opens up a broad range of opportunities, there are many innovative ways to use telemarketing to its fullest. Here are 10 of the most notable ways you can promote your marketing strategies.

1) Use Appointment Setting

To generate new business opportunities, many companies use appointment setting as a means to grow their operations. This is because appointment setting has always been a mainstay in helping to close a sale. For instance, it is next to possible to beat the success that comes along with a face to face meeting with a prospective client, especially when it leads to closing a sale.

2) Telemarketers Booking Seminars

Using telemarketers to book seminars can be very beneficial and advantageous to an individual or organization. Because this staff can be dedicated to taking the information down and processing it so that they can successfully attend a seminar, this type of support is good news for those who want to set up seminars for their business operations. Recently, these seminars and seminar booking are no longer the exception but a big part of the normal of expanding an operation.

3) Follow Up Calls Help to Increase Renewal Rates

To get the best results out of your email marketing and direct marketing campaigns today, telemarketers can also be used as the best resources to follow-up with phone calls. With the contact that these professionals make, each individual or organization will have an additional chance to take advantage of offers that may only be renewed at that particular time.

4) Market Research

Market research has always been a staple in the world of telemarketers so their job is to collect, analyze and utilize the feedback that consumers provide. Thankfully, with the use of the latest technologies in this area, telemarketers can provide a full range of invaluable quantitative and qualitative data that can be used to make better-informed marketing decisions.

5) Customer Reactivation

Telemarketers are also very instrumental in customer retention because of the methods used and the roles that they play. For instance, by using dominant customer databases to re-connect with customers who are no longer active, these teams can be used to gain back previous customers at a rate of as much 50%.

6) Collections

Missed payments and outstanding invoices are normal factors in crippling a company’s finances. Therefore, if the company would like to reduce their rates in outstanding accounts greatly, they can use telemarketers to make the initial collections contact to expedite these payments. All the staff needs are the list to work from and they can make a lot of headway in notifying this audience of status, collecting the amount that is left immediately or making arrangements for the accounts to be paid off in full.

7) Selling Ad Space

When your business has ad space to sell, the strategy that you use can a huge difference in how well you do. To devise an effective plan for marketing your ads, you do not want to hit and miss by depending on buyers to simply come to you. Instead, a team of telemarketers can also take on this role by using a tried and proven plan that consists of approaches, large target groups.

8) Database Cleansing

Data cleansing is a critical function that has to be done for many different reasons, including meeting legal industry requirements. Therefore, telemarketers can help to expedite this process so that other activities can go well too. For instance, telemarketers cleanse databases by deleting outdated information, correcting files, inserting information and much more. The primary goal and objective with these kinds of processes involve purging data that is no longer useful or relevant to the company that uses it.

9) Lead Generation

Your sales teams hands are often full with a wide range of duties and responsibilities that must be performed on a regular basis. Therefore, any relief from another group or team of people is not only beneficial but a necessity in certain cases. Typically, in this situation, the telemarketer is the ideal resource for lead generation because they focus on growing sales revenue and reduce the associated cost in closing sales.

10) Sales to Existing Customer

Telemarketers play a key role in helping to expand any business, and it does not really matter how small or large the organization is. The plan for growing many businesses normally includes targeting existing customers to buy new products and services. In fact, when the company’s brand and reputation is good, it makes it much easier for telemarketers to focus solely on improving their sales in a particular area.

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