February 17, 2022

10 Sales Tips to Improve B2B Sales

B2B sales is a tough job that takes time and effort to be effective. There are many different types of B2B sales, but salespeople need to remember that all sales involve problem-solving for the customer and aligning their product and services with the customer’s needs. Here are 10 tips you can use to improve your B2B sales:

  1. Developing relationships

Good rapport between buyer and seller will lead to a greater chance of closing business deals, as buyers feel more comfortable sharing information about themselves and their companies. This allows sellers to better understand how they can serve those companies, which makes them more likely to purchase from you.

  1. Give service beyond the sale

Your customer expects a good product and great customer assistance. Going one step further than they expect, you can win extra points with customers and give them even more reason to choose you over your competitors. This tip is especially effective for business-to-business sales as clients want reliable support after purchasing to ensure their needs are met and that their companies continue to grow and succeed.

  1. Be innovative

Introduce new services or solutions for customers, especially if it is based on what you have found out from them during the building of relationships. This shows that you are continually developing yourself to better serve them, which will increase your chances of closing deals.

  1. Show strength

Be confident in your product or service and believe in its ability to solve their problem. Don’t try to undervalue yourself by selling for less than your worth, as this will often lead to poorly solving their problems and damaging customer relations further down the line.

  1. Be persistent

Don’t give up after a few failed efforts to close deals with potential buyers. You may want to use different approaches or techniques to convince them at different times. Keep trying until you find something that works.

  1. Be open to feedback

Take on board any constructive criticism you receive and seek advice from your colleagues who may have experience in similar areas. This will help you improve your technique people appreciate someone willing to learn and change/adapt their approach.

  1. Focus on the solution, not just the product

B2B buyers aren’t looking to purchase products; they’re looking for solutions to help their companies. Selling your product as a solution is an effective way to close more deals, and it demonstrates your expertise and knowledge about the industry and your company’s offerings.

  1. Ask why before saying yes

During the early stages of negotiations, ask questions so that you can gain an understanding of what motivates them and their reasons for buying . This will often help build a rapport and strengthen your relationship with them.

  1. Don’t drop your guard

Never lower your defenses in front of customers or make it seem like they are getting priority over other potential buyers; this is likely to damage relations further down the line if another more ‘powerful’ customer asks for something more than what you have given away too cheaply.

  1. Make closing deals easier for them

Don’t immediately ask for an order after building rapport; this can be too keen and may put off the customer, who may judge that you need money more than he does. Instead, use small talk to generate ideas for meeting up again in the future.


If you are serious about improving your B2B sales, it is worth investing some time and money into a course run by a formal training company. This allows you to have access to expert advice on your technique and ask others who may have already developed effective techniques themselves.


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